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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Antioxidant and Nutritional Properties of Domestic and Commercial Coconut Milk PreparationsKarunasiri, A.N.; Gunawardane, M.; Senanayake, C.M.; Jayathilaka, N.; Senevirathne, K.N.
2012Antioxidant effect of mono-and diacylglycerols in non-stripped and stripped soyben oil-in-water emulsionsWaraho, T.; Cardenia, V.; Nishino, Y.; Senevirathne, K.N.; Rodriguez-Estrada, M.T.; McClements, D.J.; Decker, E.A.
2003Applications of MS and NMR Techniques in Biopesticide AnalysisSenevirathne, K.N.
2008Canarium zeylanicium seed oil: An edible oil with beneficial qualitiesSenevirathne, K.N.; Kotuwegedara, R.T.
2008Comparison of the Phenolic-dependant antioxidant properties of coconut oil extracted under cold and hot conditionsSenevirathne, K.N.; Hapuarachchi, C.D.; Ekanayake, S.
2005Effect of Method of Extraction on the Quality of Coconut OilSenevirathne, K.N.; Dissanayake, D.M.S.
2016Evaluation of the efficacy of ‘Nimbadi Lepa’ with ‘Pinda oil’ in the management of scaling condition of Psoriasis (Sidhma Kushta)Wijesinghe, W.A.M.S.; Jayakody, J.A.D.P.P.; Senevirathne, K.N.
2004Imine Hydrolysis and Role of a Rhodium(I)-Imine-Amine Complex in Homogeneous H2-Hydrogenation of the Imine and a Rare Example of Inequivalent NH2 ProtonsMarcazzan, P.; Abu-Gnim, C.; Senevirathne, K.N.; James, B.R.
2006Improvement of the Quality of Coconut Oil by Incorporation of Antioxidants from Coconut Cake(poonac)Senevirathne, K.N.; Dissanayake, D.M.S.
2005Interactions of Rh(III)-Dihydrido-Bis(phosphine) Complexes with SemicarbazonesEzhova, M.B.; Patrick, B.O.; Senevirathne, K.N.; James, B.R.; Waller, F.J.; Ford, M.E.
1996Permetalated Aromatic CompoundsWinter, C.H.; Senevirathne, K.N.; Bretschneider-Hurley, A.
2016Preliminary investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels in smoked fish produced by fisher community in Sri LankaDehikumbura, G.A.M.D.K.; Ganegama Arachchi, G.J.; Senevirathne, K.N.; Prasadani, W.C.; Paththuwe Arachchi, M.; Perera, R.; Wickramasinghe, I.
1997Synthesis reactivity and characterization of ruthnocenes bearing permetalated cyclopenylligandsSenevirathne, K.N.
1997Synthesis, Reactivity, and Characterization of Ruthenocene Bearing Pentazincated Cyclopentadienyl LigandsSenevirathne, K.N.; Winter, C.H.
1996Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and Reactivity of Ruthenocene Bearing Pentamagnesiated Cyclopentadienyl LigandsSenevirathne, K.N.; Bretschneider-Hurley, A.; Winter, C.H.
2014Total phenol content of toddy as a tool of checking adulterationUdeshini, D.R.I.; Senevirathne, K.N.
2008Variation of Phenolic content in Coconut oil extracted by two conventional methodsSenevirathne, K.N.; Dissanayake, D.M.S.