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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1960The art and architecture of the Gampola Period (1341-1415)Mudiyanse, Nandasena
1962Atyidae of Ceylon-IArudpragasam, K.D.; Costa, H.H.
1963The concept of Buddha in Pali literatureNanavasa Thera, Hempitagedara
1964Studies on the reponses of fresh water animals to toxic substances and low oxygen tensionsCosta, H.H.
1964ලංකා විශ්වවිද්‍යාලයේ ලංකා ඉතිහාසය, I කාණ්ඩය, I භාගයලංකා විශ්වවිද්‍යාලයේ ලංකා ඉතිහාසය
1964Literary and archaeological monuments of the Mahayana in CeylonMudiyanse, Nandasena
1964The development of the Ceylon civil service 1802-1833Kannangara, P. D.
1965Responses of freshwater animals to sodium cyanide solutionsCosta, H.H.
1965සිංහල නවකතාවේ නව ප්‍රවනතා : දේශපාලන නවකතාHerath, W.B.
1965විජම් අවතාර සන්‍යයKotmale, Chandrasiri
1965The food of the tadpoles of Rhacophorus cruciger cruciger (Blyth)Costa, H.H.; Balasubramaniam, S.
1966නාමරූපසමාසය හා සිලි පිටපතWimala himi, Hanguranketa
1966Responses of Gammarus Pulex (L.) To Modified EnvironmentCosta, H.H.
1966The boundary behaviour of analytic functionsSomadasa, Hettiwattege
1966A political history of Rohana from C 991-1255 A.D.Ranawella, Gallege Sirimal
1966The effect of exercise on the survival of Phoxinus phoxinus L. in sodium cyanide solutioinsCosta, H.H.
1967Avoidance of anoxic water by tadpoles of Rana temporariaCosta, H.H.
1967A study of the gods in early Buddhism in their mythological and social milieu as depicted in the nikayas of the Pali canonMarasinghe, M. M. Jinadasa
1967Responses of Gammarus pulex (L.) to Modified Environment II. Reactions to Abnormal Hydrogen Ion ConcentrationsCosta, H.H.
1967ලංකාවේ බ්‍රිතාන්‍ය රාජ්‍ය හා බෞද්ධාගම අතර සම්බන්ධය (1796 - 1841)Mangala himi, Inamaluwe