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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Abdominal migraine in children: association between gastric motility parameters and clinical characteristicsDevanarayana, N.M.; Rajindrajith, S.; Benninga, M.A.
2012Abdominal pain predominant functional gastrointestinal diseases: association with child abuse, traumatic life events and quality of lifeDevanarayana, N.M.; Rajindrajith, S.; Karunanayake, A.; Nishanthini, S.; Perera, M.S.; Benninga, M.A.
2016Abdominal pain predominant functional gastrointestinal disorders in adolescent NigeriansUdoh, E.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Rajindrajith, S.; Meremikwu, M.; Benninga, M.A.
2015The Association between adverse life events and abdominal pain-predominant functional gastrointestinal disorders.Devanarayana, N.M.; Rajindrajith, S.; Benninga, M.A.
2014Association between child maltreatment and constipation: a school Based survey using Rome III CriteriaRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Lakmini, C.; Subasinghe, V.; de Silva, D.G.H.; Benninga, M.A.
2022Association between childhood constipation and exposure to stressful life events: a systematic reviewLiyanarachchi, H.; Rajindrajith, S.; Kuruppu, C.; Chathurangana, P.; Ranawaka, R.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Benninga, M.A.
2013Association between faecal incontinence, child abuse, somatisation and health related quality of lifeRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Benninga, M.A.
2014Association between functional gastrointestinal diseases and exposure to abuse in teenagersDevanarayana, N.M.; Rajindrajith, S.; Perera, M.S.; Nishanthanie, S.W.; Karunanayake, A.; Benninga, M.A.
2020Behavioral and emotional problems in adolescents with constipation and their association with quality of lifeRajindrajith, S.; Ranathunga, N.; Jayawickrama, N.; van Dijk, M.; Benninga, M.A.; Devanarayana, N.M.
2015Bowel habits in Sri Lankan infants and toddlers, a population based study.Walter, H.A.; Hovenkamp, A.; Rajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Benninga, M.A.
2016Childhood constipation as an emerging public health problemRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Perera, B.J.C.; Benninga, M.A.
2015Childhood functional abdominal pain: mechanisms and managementKorterink, J.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Rajindrajith, S.; Vlieger, A.; Benninga, M.A.
2012Children and adolescents with chronic constipation: how many seek healthcare and what determines it?Rajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Benninga, M.A.
2013Clinical evaluation of children with constipation: history and physical examinationRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Benninga, M.A.
2017Constipation and constipation predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome: a comparative study using Rome III CriteriaRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Benninga, M.A.
2012Constipation in children: an epidemiological study in Sri Lanka using Rome III criteriaRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Adhikari, C.; Pannala, W.; Benninga, M.A.
2012Constipation in Sri Lankan children: association with physical, sexual, emotional abuseRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Lakmini, C.; Subasinghe, V; Benninga, M.A.
2010Constipation-associated and nonretentive fecal incontinence in children and adolescents: an epidemiological survey in Sri LankaRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Benninga, M.A.
2020A Core outcome set for clinical trials in pediatric functional abdominal pain disorders.Zeevenhooven, J.; Rexwinkel, R.; Van Berge Henegouwen, V.W.A.; Krishnan, U.; Vandenplas, Y.; Strisciuglio, C.; Staiano, A.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Rajindrajith, S.; Benninga, M.A.; Tabbers, M.M.; Consensus Group on Outcome Measures Made in Pediatric Enteral Nutrition Clinical Trials Working Group
2016Defecation disorders in children: constipation and functional fecal incontinenceRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Benninga, M.A.