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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Audit on quality of care given to the patients who attended the professorial surgical clinicAriyaratne, M.H.J.; Perera, W.A.T.M.N.; Wanigasekera, H.L.A.C.R.
2008Biofeedback with and without surgery for fecal incontinence improves maximum squeeze pressure, saline retention capacity and quality of lifeMunasinghe, B.N.L.; Rathnayaka, M.M.G.; Parimalendran, R.; Kumarage, S.K.; de Zylva, S.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Deen, K.I.
2011Clinically benign breast lumps - how often are they malignant?Jayatunge, D.N.U.; Pinto, M.D.P.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.
2008Complications of loop ileostomy and ileostomy closure and their implications for extended enterostomal therapy: A prospective clinical auditRathnayake, M.M.; Kumarage, S.K.; Wijesuriya, S.R.E.; Munasinghe, B.N.L.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Deen, K.I.
2003Cost accounting in a surgical unit in a teaching hospital--a pilot studyMalalasekera, A.P.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Fernando, R.; Perera, D.; Deen, K.I.
2010Current concepts in management of chronic woundsChandrasinghe, P.C.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.
2009Demographic details, mode of presentation, contributory factors and outcome of trauma patients who visited North Colombo Teaching Hospital, Ragama from 1st April 2009 to 1st July 2009Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Wanigasekera, H.L.A.C.R.; Rupasinghe, G.N.; Dilesha, W.A.L.
2012Exploring infections as an aetiological agent of breast carcinomaAriyaratne, M.H.J.
2010Extent of patient delay and its clinical implications among breast cancer patients of the professorial surgical unit, NCTH, RagamaDharmasiri, K.B.V.S.V.T.; Perera, H.A.S.S.; Nusliha, A.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.
2007Inflammatory pseudotumour of the liver caused by a migrated fish bonePerera, M.T.P.R.; Wijesuriya, S.R.E.; Kumarage, S.K.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Deen, K.I.
2003Natural course of acquired undescended testis in boysSiriwardana, P.N.; Satheeshan, B.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Deen, K.I.
2003Natural course of undescended testis in boysSiriwardana, P.N.; Satheeshan, B.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Deen, K.I.
2009New concepts of breast cancer aetiologyAriyaratne, M.H.J.; Dilesha, W.A.L.
2008The Prevalence of colorectal cancer and survival in patients from the Gampaha District, North Colombo regionPerera, T.; Wijesuriya, S.R.E.; Suraweera, P.H.R.; Wijewardene, K.; Kumarage, S.K.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Deen, K.I.
1999Prevention of presacral haemorrhage using thumb tacksSundaresan, K.T.; Sugirtha, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Deen, K.I.
1999Prospective clinical and functional audit of emergency and elective haemorrhoidectomyDeen, K.I.; Paris, M.A.S.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Samarasekera, D.N.
2001The Rambewa bus bomb, a clinico-pathological reviewBanagala, A.S.K.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.
2008Sexual and urinary dysfunction following rectal dissection compared with segmental colectomyPerera, M.T.; Deen, K.I.; Wijesuriya, S.R.E.; Kumarage, S.K.; de Zylva, S.T.U.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.
2007Trap guns injuries in rural Sri LankaBanagala, A.S.K.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.
2012The Value of sentinel node biopsy in breast cancerAriyaratne, M.H.J.; Jayatunge, D.N.U.