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Title: Factors Influencing on Brand Loyalty towards Fast Food Restaurants in Sri Lanka with Special Reference to Western Province
Authors: Gunarathne, W.P.G.K.
Jayarathne, W.A.
Keywords: Brand Loyalty
Consumer behaviour
Purchase Intention
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Department of Marketing Management, University of Kelaniya
Citation: Gunarathne, W.P.G.K. and Jayarathne, W.A. 2016.Factors Influencing on Brand Loyalty towards Fast Food Restaurants in Sri Lanka with Special Reference to Western Province.1st Student Research Conference on Marketing (SRCM), Department of Marketing Management, University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya. p 27.
Abstract: In the present business environment, marketers are using different kinds of marketing strategies to achieve the organizational goals. Building up a brand loyalty towards the brand is one marketing strategies which is commonly used by organizations to increase their sales other organization goals. This study attempts identify the factors that would influence on building up brand loyalty towards fast food restaurants. There are many previous researches related to this study area which are based on the global context whereas this study is specifically related to the global context. The primary objective of this research study is to identifying the factors that influence in building up a brand loyalty in consumer mind set towards multinational and domestic fast food chains with special reference to western province. While achieving the main objective researcher set sub objectives which are in line with the primary objective. This study specifically comes under descriptive nature and researcher used survey data collection technique to gather data in order to get ideas and opinions from respondents. The researcher used convenience sampling technique to recognized research sample and used SPSS 20.0 to analyze collected data from respondents to reach conclusion. As per the research findings food provide and atmosphere creates strong positive relationship in building up brand loyalty towards the fast food restaurants where other considered factors have weak and moderate positive relationships in building up brand loyalty.
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