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Title: Evaluation of the ICT whole-blood antigen card test to detect infection due to Wuchereria bancrofti in Sri Lanka
Authors: Chandrasena, T.G.A.N.
Premaratna, R.
Abeyewickreme, W.
de Silva, N.R.
Keywords: Filariasis
Clinical Trial
Comparative Study
Controlled Clinical Trial
Antigens, Helminth-blood
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Reagent Kits, Diagnostic-standards
Wuchereria bancrofti-isolation and purification
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Citation: Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 2002; 96(1): pp.60-63
Abstract: The sensitivity, specificity and cost effectiveness of an immunochromatographic card test (ICT, AMRAD) for the diagnosis of bancroftian filariasis were estimated against 2 standard parasitological techniques: thick blood film (TBF) and Nuclepore membrane filtration (NMF). Individuals were selected from endemic localities in the Western Province (n = 213) and from the non-endemic Central Province (n = 29) of Sri Lanka. Blood was collected between 21:00 and midnight. Sixty microlitre of non-heparinized blood, and 1 mL and 100 microL of heparinized blood were used in TBF, NMF andICT, respectively. NMF was positive in 31.5% (67/213) of the endemic group, with a mean microfilaria (mf) count of 343/mL (range 8-1782, SD 422). All 67 were positive by ICT (sensitivity 100%), but only 63 by TBF (sensitivity 94%). Among the endemic population there were 12 who were mf negative but antigen positive by ICT. There were, however, no false positives among the non-endemic controls, indicating the possibility that the ICTmay in fact be more sensitive and 100% specific. Thus, ICT filariasis test appears to be more effective (both sensitive and specific) than TBF or NMF in diagnosing infection in lymphatic filariasis. The direct unit recurrent costs of the 2 survey tools, TBF and ICT, were US$ 0.30 (Rs. 27/=) and US$ 2.75 (Rs. 248/=), respectively. The high cost of the ICT may be offset by other factors that are difficult to cost.
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ISSN: 0035-9203 (Print)
1878-3503 (Electronic)
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