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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Abnormal functions of pottasium channels in the platelets of patients with Alzheimer's diseasede Silva, H.A.; Aronson, J.K.; Grahame-Smith, D.G.; Jobst, K.A.; Smith, A.D.
2017Acceptance and attitudes of healthcare staff towards the introduction of clinical pharmacy service: a descriptive cross-sectional study from a tertiary care hospital in Sri LankaShanika, L.G.T.; Wijekoon, C.N.; Jayamanne, S.; Coombes, J.; Mamunuwa, N.; Dawson, A.H.; de Silva, H.A.
2016Adverse drug reactions in a cohort of Sri Lankan patients with non-communicable chronic diseasesShanika, L.G.T.; Wijekoon, C.N.; Jayamanne, S.; Coombes, J.; de Silva, H.A.; Dawson, A.
2016Adverse reactions to snake antivenom, and their prevention and Silva, H.A.; Ryan, N.M.; de Silva, H.J.
2019Alirocumab in patients with polyvascular disease and recent acute coronary syndrome: ODYSSEY OUTCOMES Trial.Jukema, J.W.; Szarek, M.; Zijlstra, L.E.; de Silva, H.A.; Bhatt, D.L.; Bittner, V.A.; Diaz, R.; Edelberg, J.M.; Goodman, S.G.; Hanotin, C.; Harrington, H. A.; Karpov, Y.; Moryusef, A.; Pordy, R.; Prieto, J.C.; Roe, M.T.; White, H.D.; Zeiher, A. M.; Schwartz, G. G.; Steg, P.G.; ODYSSEY OUTCOMES Committees and Investigators
2007Alzheimer disease in Sri Lankade Silva, H.A.
2003Alzheimer's disease in Sri Lankade Silva, H.A.
2016Alzheimer's disease with cerebrovascular disease: current status in the Asia-Pacific regionChen, C.; Homma, A.; Mok, V.C.; Krishnamoorthy, E.; Alladi, S.; Meguro, K.; Abe, K.; Dominguez, J.; Marasigan, S.; Kandiah, N.; Kim, S.Y.; Lee, D.Y.; de Silva, H.A.; Yang, Y.H.; Pai, M.C.; Senanarong, V.; Dash, A.
2005Alzheimer's disease--time to act is nowde Silva, H.A.
2003Ante-mortem diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD) by measuring medial temporal lobe (MTL) thickness on CT scansde Silva, H.A.; Gunatilake, S.B.
2019Autonomic functions and gastric motility in children with functional abdominal pain disordersKarunanayake, A.; Rajindrajith, S.; de Silva, H.A.; Gunawardena, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.
2014Baseline characteristics of the 4011 patients recruited into the Efficacy of Nitric Oxide in Stroke' (ENOS) trial.Bath, P.M.; Adami, A.; Bereczki, D.; Berge, E.; Beridze, M.; Cala, L.; Casado, A.; Caso, V.; Chang, H.M.; Christensen, H.; Collins, R.; Czlonkowska, A.; Dineen, R.A.; El Etribi, A.; Ghani, A. R.; Gommans, J.; Koumellis, P.; Laska, A. C.; Lees, K. R.; Navarro, J.; Ntaios, G.; Ozturk, S.; Phillips, S.; Pocock, S.; Prasad, K.; Scutt, P.; de Silva, H.A.; Szatmari, S.; Díez-Tejedor E; Utton, S.; Wang, Y. J.; Wardlaw, J.M.; Whynes, D.; Wong, L.; Woodhouse, L; Sprigg, N.; ENOS Trial Investigators(36)
2019Blood pressure variability and outcome in acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke: a post hoc analysis of the HeadPoST study.Minhas, J. S.; Wang, X.; Lavados, P.M.; Moullaali, T.J.; Arima, H.; Billot, L.; Hackett, M.L.; Olavarria, V.V.; Middleton, S.; Pontes-Neto, O.; de Silva, H.A.; Lee, T. H.; Pandian, J. D.; Mead, G. E.; Watkins, C.; Chalmers, J.; Anderson, C.S.; Robinson, T.G.; HeadPoST Investigators
2001Breast examination of older women in a teaching hospitalde Silva, H.A.; Jayasekara, W.M.P.R.; Mangalika, H.A.R.
2018Case report: Opportunities for Medication Review and Reconciliation by a Clinical Pharmacist to Prevent Drug-Related Hospital Re-Admissions: Evidence from a Case Series in Sri LankaShanika, L.G.T.; Wijekoon, C.N.; Jayamanne, S.; Coombes, J.; Perera, D.; Pathiraja, V.M.; Mamunuwa, N.; Mohamed, F.; Coombes, I.; Lynch, C.; de Silva, H.A.; Dawson, A.H.
2015Chinese medicine NeuroAiD efficacy on stroke recovery - extension study (CHIMES-E): A multicenter study of long-term efficacyVenketasubramanian, N.; Young, S.H.; Tay, S.S.; Umapathi, T.; Lao, A.Y.; Gan, H.H.; Baroque II, A.C.; Navarro, J.C.; Chang, H.M.; Advincula, J.M.; Muengtaweepongsa, S.; Chan, B.P.; Chua, C.L.; Wijekoon, N.; de Silva, H.A.; Hiyadan, J.H.; Suwanwela, N.C.; Wong, K.S.; Poungvarin, N.; Eow, G.B.; Lee, C.F.; Chen, C.L.
2013Chinese medicine neuroaid efficacy on stroke recovery: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized studyChen, C.L.; Young, S.H.; Gan, H.H.; Singh, R.; Lao, A.Y.; Baroque, A.C.; Chang, H.M.; Hiyadan, J.H.; Chua, C.L.; Advincula, J.M.; Muengtaweepongsa, S.; Chan, B.P.; de Silva, H.A.; Towanabut, S.; Suwanwela, N.C.; Poungvarin, N.; Chankrachang, S.; Wong, K.S.; Eow, G.B.; Navarro, J.C.; Venketasubramanian, N.; Lee, C.F.; Bousser, M.G.; CHIMES Study Investigators
2016Cluster randomized trial on integrated primary care strategies to reduce high blood pressure in rural communities in Sri Lanka: Report from the feasibility studyde Silva, H.A.; Kasturiratne, A.; Luke, W.A.N.V.; Ediriweera, D.S.
2017Cluster-randomized, crossover trial of head positioning in acute strokeAnderson, C.S.; Arima, H.; Lavados, P.; Billot, L.; Hackett, M.L.; Olavarría, V.V; Muñoz Venturelli, P.; Brunser, A.; Peng, B.; Cui, L.; Song, L.; Rogers, K.; Middleton, S.; Lim, J.Y.; Forshaw, D.; Lightbody, C.E.; Woodward, M.; Pontes-Neto, O.; de Silva, H.A.; Lin, R.T.; Lee, T.H.; Pandian, J.D.; Mead, G.E.; Robinson, T.; Watkins, C.; Headpost Investigators and Coordinators
2019Combatting the Global Crisis of Cardiovascular Disease.Palagyi, A.; de Silva, H.A.; Praveen, D.; Patel, A.