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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Adaptation of hydroponics technology in Matara district –Case study in BeralapanatharaWeerasinghe, K.D.N.; Abeysekara, I.K.; Chandima, H.H.; Wickramasinghe, I.; Liyanage, J.A.
2019Antioxidant activity and physicochemical properties of Flacourtia indica (Uguressa) at different maturity stagesKasunmala, I. G. G.; Navarathne, S. B.; Wickramasinghe, I.
2018Effect of dehydration temperature, time and blanching methods on the sensory properties of an herbal tea developed from Moringa oleifera leavesWickramasinghe, W.Y H.,; Wickramasinghe, I.; Ariyasinghe, H. A. E. N.; Wijesekara, I.
2018Important physiochemical properties of selected underutilized yams and development of cup-cakes using “Raja ala” (Dioscorea alata) flourGunasekara, G. D. M.; Wickramasinghe, I.; Wijesekara, I.
2016Preliminary investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels in smoked fish produced by fisher community in Sri LankaDehikumbura, G.A.M.D.K.; Ganegama Arachchi, G.J.; Senevirathne, K.N.; Prasadani, W.C.; Paththuwe Arachchi, M.; Perera, R.; Wickramasinghe, I.
2018Preliminary study on starch extraction ratio and nutritional composition of two cassava cultivarsWeerasinghe, R. K. L.; Wickramasinghe, I.; Somendrika, M. A. D.
2018Textural profile analysis of granulated cassava pearls of two cultivars treated with conventional and microwave heatingBulathgama, B. E. A. U.; Wickramasinghe, I.; Wijesekara, I.; Somendrika, M. A. D.