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2012Anti-Inflammatory activity is a possible mechanism by which the polyherbal formulation comprised of Nigella sativa (Seeds), Hemidesmus indicus (Root), and Smilax glabra (Rhizome) mediates its antihepatocarcinogenic effectsGalhena, P.B.; Samarakoon, S.R.; Thabrew, M.I.; Weerasinghe, G.A.; Thammitiyagodage, M.G.; Ratnasooriya, W.; Tennekoon, K.H.
2002Anti-inflammatory activity of decoction of leaves and stems of Anisomeles indica at pre-flowering and flowering stagesDharmasiri, M.G.; Ratnasooriya, W.D.; Thabrew, M.I.
2003Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity in the polyherbal formulation maharasnadhi quatharThabrew, M.I.; Dharmasiri, M.G.; Senaratne, L.
1998Antioxidant activity of Obseckia asperaThabrew, M.I.; Hughes, R.D.; McFarlane, I.G.
2001Antioxidant potential of two polyherbal preparations used in Ayurveda for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritisThabrew, M.I.; Samarawickrema, N.A.; Munasinghe, C.
2001Antiradical and antilipoperoxidative effects of some plant extracts used by Sri Lankan traditional medical practitioners for cardioprotectionMunasinghe, T.C.J.; Seneviratne, C.K.; Thabrew, M.I.; Abeysekera, A.M.
1999Assay to detect inhibitory substances in serum of patients with acute liver failureAnderson, C.; Thabrew, M.I.; Hughes, R.D.
2020Biochemical and histopathological changes in Wistar Rats after consumption of boiled and un-boiled water from high and low disease prevalent areas for Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu) in North Central Province (NCP) and Its comparison with Low disease prevalent Colombo, Sri LankaThammitiyagodage, M.G.; de Silva, N.R.; Rathnayake, C.; Karunakaran, R.; Wgss, K.; Gunatillka, M.M.; Ekanayaka, N.; Galhena, B.P.; Thabrew, M.I.
1999A Comparative study of the beneficial effects of Osbeckia octandra and Osbeckia aspera in liver dysfunction in ratsThabrew, M.I.; Jayathilake, K.A.P.W.
1987A Comparative study of the efficacy of Pavetta indica and Osbeckia octandra in the treatment of liver dysfunctionThabrew, M.I.; Joice, P.D.; Rajatissa, W.
1985Covalent binding and glutathione depletion in the rat following niridazole (ambilhar) pretreatmentOduah, I.N.; Thabrew, M.I.; Emerole, G.O.
1998Cytoprotective effect of Osbeckia aspera against oxidative damage to HepG2 cellsThabrew, M.I.
2005Cytotoxic effects of a decoction of Nigella sativa, Hemidesmus indicus and Smilax glabra on human hepatoma HepG2 cellsThabrew, M.I.; Mitry, R.R.; Morsy, M.A.; Hughes, R.D.
2003Development of a method for the detection of glycated low density lipoprotein in serumGalhena, B.P.; Thabrew, M.I.; Keerthisena, O.P.K.S.; Chandresekera, A.; IIIangasekera, U.
2003Diuretic activity of leaf and stem decoctions of Anisomeles indicaDharmasiri, M.G.; Ratnasooriya, W.D.; Thabrew, M.I.
1985Drug induced alterations in some rat hepatic microsomal components:a comparative study of four structurally different antimalarialsThabrew, M.I.; Nashiru, T.O.; Emerole, G.O.
1991Effect of Artocarpus heterophyllus and Asteracanthus longifolia on glucose tolerance in normal human subjects and in maturity-onset diabetic patientsFernando, M.R.; Wickramasinghe, N.; Thabrew, M.I.; Ariyananda, P.L.; Karunanayake, E.H.
2004The Effect of Cassia auriculata and Cardiospermum halicacabum teas on the steady state blood level and toxicity of carbamazepineThabrew, M.I.; Munasinghe, C.; Chackrewarthy, S.; Senarath, S.
2006The Effect of flabelliferins of palmyrah (Borassas Flabellifer) fruit pulp on intestinal glucose uptake in miceUluwaduge, D.I.; Thabrew, M.I.; Jansz, E.R.
1990Effect of Melothria maderaspatana on carbon tetrachloride-induced changes in rat hepatic microsomal drug-metabolizing enzyme activityJayathilake, K.A.; Thabrew, M.I.; Perera, D.J.