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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Acute on chronic osteomyelitis due to coliforms in a Sri Lankan child with homozygous sickle cell diseaseHoole, T.J.; Arunath, V.; de Silva, M.H.A.D.; Muthukumarana, O.G.W.; Kumarasiri, I.M.; Rathnasiri, G.B.A.M.R.; Mahendra, G.; Premawardhena, A.; Mettananda, S.
2010Adaptation to anemia in hemoglobin E-beta thalassemiaAllen, A.; Fisher, C.; Premawardhena, A.; Peto, T.; Allen, S.J.; Arambepola, M.; Thayalsuthan, V.; Olivieri, N.; Weatherall, D.
2007Age-related changes in adaptation to severe anemia in childhood in developing countriesO Donnell, A.; Premawardhena, A.; Arambepola, M.; Allen, S.J.; Peto, T.E.; Fisher, C.A.; Rees, D.C.; Olivieri, N.F.; Weatherall, D.J.
2013Alpha thalassaemia and extended alpha globin genes in Sri LankaSuresh, S.; Fisher, C.; Ayyub, H.; Premawardhena, A.; Allen, A.; Perera, A.; Bandara, D.; Olivieri, N.; Weatherall, D.
2018Anaemia among females in child-bearing age: Relative contributions, effects and interactions of α- and β-thalassaemia.Mettananda, S.; Suranjan, M.; Fernando, R.; Dias, T.; Mettananda, C.; Rodrigo, R.; Perera, L.; Gibbons, R.; Premawardhena, A.; Higgs, D.
2018Anaemia among women of child-bearing age: Contributions of alpha and beta-thalassaemiaMettananda, S.; Suranjan, P.D.M.; Fernando, V.R.; Dias, T.D.; Rodrigo, R.; Perera, L.; Mettananda, K.C.D.; Gibbons, R. J.; Premawardhena, A.; Higgs, D. R.
2018Anaemia in Sri Lanka: the missing piecesPremawardhena, A.; Perera, P. S.
2019Blood transfusion therapy for β-thalassemia major and hemoglobin E β-thalassemia: adequacy, trends, and determinants in Sri Lanka.Mettananda, S.; Pathiraja, H.; Peiris, R.; Wickramarathne, N.; Bandara, D.; de Silva, U.; Mettananda, C.; Premawardhena, A.
2018Body iron status of children with transfusion dependent thalassaemia: Trends of serum ferritin and associations of optimal body iron controlSuriapperuma, T. N. P.; Peiris, K. R. R.; Mettananda, K.C.D.; Premawardhena, A.; Mettananda, S.
2018Body iron status of children and adolescents with transfusion dependent β-thalassaemia: trends of serum ferritin and associations of optimal body iron controlSuriyapperuma, T.; Peiris, R.; Mettananda, C.; Premawardhena, A.; Mettananda, S.
2015Clinical and molecular heterogeneity among Beta Thalassaemia Intermedia in Sri LankaPerera, P.S.; Silva, D.P.S.I.; Hapugoda, M.; Wickramarathne, M.N.; Wijesiriwardena, I.; Efremov, D.G.; Fisher, C.A.; Weatherall, D.J.; Premawardhena, A.
2020Comparison of liver MRI R2(FerriScan®) VS liver MRI T2* as a measure of body iron load in a cohort of Beta Thalassaemia major patientsPadeniya, P.; Siriwardana, S.; Ediriweera, D.; Samarasinghe, N.; Silva, S.; Silva, I.; Ahamed, N.; Niriella, M.A.; Premawardhena, A.
2021A Comprehensive review of hydroxyurea for β-haemoglobinopathies: the role revisited during COVID-19 pandemicYasara, N.; Premawardhena, A.; Mettananda, S.
2015Correlation of genotype with phenotype in beta thalassaemia intermedia in Sri lankaPerera, P.S.; Silva, D.P.S.I.; Hapugoda, M.; Wickramarathne, M.N.; Wijesiriwardena, I.; Efremov, D.G.; Fisher, C.A.; Weatherall, D.J.; Premawardhena, A.
2020A Cost-of-illness analysis of β-Thalassaemia major in children in Sri Lanka - experience from a tertiary level teaching hospital.Reed-Embleton, H.; Arambepola, S.; Dixon, S.; Maldonado, B. N.; Premawardhena, A.; Arambepola, M.; Khan, J. A. M.; Allen, S.
2008A Descriptive study of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in a tertiary care hospitalBotheju, W.I.K.; Navaratne, A.C.R.; Somarathne, C.K.; Balasooriya, B.L.P.P.; Wijebandara, R.J.K.S.; Mandawala, M.B.S.N.; Ruwanpathirana, T.; Kasturiratne, K.T.A.A.; Hewawitharana, C.P.; Rathnasena, B.G.N.; Fernando, P.; Wijesinghe, P.S.; Premawardhena, A.
2020Efficacy and Safety of Oral Hydroxyurea in Patients with Transfusion Dependent β Thalassaemia: a Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical TrialYasara, N.; Wickramarathne, N.; Silva, I.; Hameed, N.; Attanayaka, A.M.K.R.; Jayasinghe, V.L.; Wickramasinghe, N.; Rodrigo, R.; Perera, L.; Mettananda, K.C.D.; Manamperi, A.; Premawardhena, A.; Mettananda, S.
2020Efficacy and safety of oral hydroxyurea in transfusion-dependent β-thalassaemia: a protocol for randomised double-blind controlled clinical trialYasara, N.; Wickramarathne, N.; Mettananda, C.; Manamperi, A.; Premawardhena, A.; Mettananda, S.
2015Elective cholecystectomy is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in patients with severe Thalassemia: A retrospective case control study.Premawardhena, A.; Fernando, R.; Kumarage, S.; Nishad, N.; de Silva, I.
2010Emerging insights in the management of hemoglobin E beta thalassemiaOlivieri, N. F.; Thayalsuthan, V.; O Donnell, A.; Premawardhena, A.; Rigobon, C.; Muraca, G.; Fisher, C.; Weatherall, D. J.