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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Abdominal pain-predominant functional gastrointestinal diseases in children and adolescents: prevalence, symptomatology, and association with emotional stressDevanarayana, N.M.; Mettananda, S.; Liyanarachchi, C.; Nanayakkara, N.; Mendis, N.; Perera, N.; Rajindrajith, S.
2015Attitudes towards Sri Lankan English lexis and grammarPerera, N.
2016The Changing Composition: Are Young SLE Speakers Familiar with Youtube Slang?Perera, N.
2020Effectiveness of providing health education to caregivers of hospitalized children with asthma for the prevention of recurrent attacks: a quasi-randomized trialPerera, N.; Abeysena, C.
2015The effects of corporate governance on financial performancePerera, N.
2018Evaluating an AAC training for special education teachers in Sri Lanka,a low- and middle-income country.Muttiah, N.; Drager, K. D. R.; McNaughton, D.; Perera, N.
2019Knowledge on primary and secondary prevention of asthma among caregivers of asthmatic children admitted to paediatric wards in Gampaha District.Perera, N.; Abeysena, C.
2019Management of a threatened reef to establish its ecosystem sustainability through inter-agency coordination mechanism: A case from Kayankerni, Eastern Coast of Sri LankaWeerasinghe, K. D. I.; Kumara, P.B.T.P.; Perera, N.; Subasinghe, M. M.; Gunasekara, A. M. J.
2016A Method to Sort Official Correspondence through Natural Language ProcessingWeerasooriya, T.; Perera, N.
2021Physical Barriers Encountered Within Hospitals by an Elderly Population in Accessing Healthcare: A Study Conducted at The North Colombo Teaching Hospital, Ragama, Sri Lanka.Edussuriya, T.N.; Dissanayake, K.D.M.R.H.; Fernando, V.S.T.H.; Fernando, W.S.; Fernando, W.N.N.; Perera, N.
2018Possible Application of Sickling Test in Haemoglobinopathy Screening of Sri Lanka.Darshana, T.; Perera, N.; Manamperi, A.; Premawardhena, A.
2019Predictive value of persistent NS1 antigen positivity beyond 3rd day for dengue haemorrhagic fever in Sri Lankan children.Manamperi, M.; Jayamanne, B. D. W.; Somaratne, T.; Perera, N.; Fernando, L.
2016Prevalence of Personality Disorders in Late Adolescents with Drug AbusePerera, N.
2011Psychosocial Stress, standing time and overweight are risk. Factors for pregnancy induced hypertension: A case control studyPerera, N.; Abeysena, C.
2020Quality of care in the management of asthmatic children with regard to compliance with the guidelines in in-ward setting in a district of Sri Lanka: a descriptive studyAbeysena, C.; Perera, N.
2007Risk factors for Pregnancy induced HypertensionPerera, N.; Abeysena, C.
2016Sri Lankan English (SLE) over the years: Evolution of the SLE vocabulary over two generations of SLE speakersPerera, N.; Weerasooriya, T.
2017Subcutaneous dirofilariasis caused by Dirofilaria (Nochtiella) repens in Sri Lanka: A potential risk of transmitting human dirofilariasisGunathilaka, N.; Siriwardana, S.; Wijesooriya, L.I.; Gunaratna, G.; Perera, N.