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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Antioxidant and Nutritional Properties of Domestic and Commercial Coconut Milk PreparationsKarunasiri, A.N.; Gunawardane, M.; Senanayake, C.M.; Jayathilaka, N.; Senevirathne, K.N.
2019Antioxidant Effect of Coconut Milk on Oxidative Damage in Commensal Lactobacilli in the Gastrointestinal TractKarunasiri, A.N.; Gunawardena, M.; Seneviratne, K.; Jayathilaka, N.
2017Comparison of Methods for miRNA Extraction from Plasma and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells.Hapugaswatta, H. P. H.; Seneviratne, K.N.; Jayathilaka, N.
2015Comparison of the basic nutritional characteristics of the first extract and second extract of coconut milkNadeeshani, R.; Wijayaratna, U.N.; Prasadani, W.C.; Ekanayake, S.; Seneviratne, K.N.; Jayathilaka, N.
2016Design and construction of low cost petri dish incubatorWanigasekara, G.; Perera, N.W.; Abeysinghe, D.; Geegamage, S.S.; Wijekoon, D.; Jayathilaka, N.
2018Determination of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Psidium guineense Sw. Leaf Extracts Fractioned Based on PolarityMunaweera, R.R.K.W.; Senanayake, C.; Algama, H.; Seneviratne, K.; Jayathilaka, N.
2015Determination of Nutrient composition of domestic and commercially available coconut milk preparationsNadeeshani, D.L.W.R.; Seneviratne, K.N.; Jayathilaka, N.
2016Determination of polyphenol content in coconut milk by modified Folin-Denis assayNadeeshani, R.; Seneviratne, K.N.; Jayathilaka, N.
2020Differential expression of microRNA, miR-150 and Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 (EZH2) in peripheral blood cells as early prognostic markers of severe forms of dengueHapugaswatta, H.; Amarasena, P.; Premaratna, R.; Seneviratne, K.N.; Jayathilaka, N.
2021Effect of chain length and saturation of the fatty acids in dietary triglycerides on lipid metabolism in Wistar ratsSenanayake, C. M.; Hapugaswatta, H.; Samarawickrama, G. R.; Jayathilaka, N.; Seneviratne, K. N.
2016Effect of different storage conditions on the nitrite levels of human salivaSewwandi, A.L.S.; Jayathilaka, N.; Seneviratne, K.N.
2016Effect of Repeated Heating on The Oxidative Degradation of White Coconut Oil and Soy Bean OilSenanayake, C.M.; Jayathilaka, N.; Seneviratne, K.N.
2015Epigenetic modifications in human diseaseJayathilaka, N.; Weeraratne, K.S.; Buwaneka, P.A.; Dilhani, G.R.S.
2018Expression Changes in Putative Target Genes of Differentially Expressed miRNA as Early Biomarkers for Severe DengueHapugaswatta, H.; Seneviratne, K.N.; Perera, H.S.S.; Premaratna, R.; Jayathilaka, N.
2021Expression of Nitric Oxide synthase and Nitric Oxide levels in peripheral blood cells and oxidized low-density lipoprotein levels in saliva as early markers of severe dengue.Hapugaswatta, H.; Ruwani, L.; Wimalasekara; Perera, S.S.; Premaratna, R.; Seneviratne, K.N.; Jayathilaka, N.
2017Host gene expression analysis in Sri Lankan melioidosis patients.Krishnananthasivam, S.; Jayathilaka, N.; Sathkumara, H.D.; Corea, E.; Natesan, M.; De Silva, A.D.
2019In Silico and In Vitro Analysis of Inhibition of Rice Bran Lipase to Extend the Shelf LifeWeerakoon, W.M.T.D.N.; Munaweera, R.; Chandula, S.; Dodampe, N.; Seneviratne, K.N.; Jayathilaka, N.
2021In vitro antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities of plant extracts used in Ayurvedic medicineMunasinghe, C. C. J.; Hapugaswatta, H.; Seneviratne, K. N.; Jayathilaka, N.
2017Nutritional Effect of Consumption of Domestic and Commercially Available Coconut Milk Preparations in Wistar Rats.Senanayake, C.M.; Seneviratne, K.N.; Jayathilaka, N.; Ekanayaka, S.
2015Phenolic content and shelf life of commercial virgin coconut oil and copra oilWijayaratna, U.N.; Jayathilaka, N.; Seneviratne, K.N.