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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Acute pelvic inflammatory disease in a gynecological casualty settingWagaarachchi, P.T.; Fernando, L.; Fernando, D.J.S.
2018Chiari malformation type 1 presenting as unilateral progressive foot drop: a case report and review of literatureJayamanne, C.; Fernando, L.; Mettananda, S.
2005Child abuse and neglect; who gets abused and who abuses them?Fernando, A.D.; Karunasekera, K.A.W.; Fernando, L.; Samarasekera, A.
2016A comparative study of subjective experiences related to driving among outpatient psychotropic users and controls in Ragama, Sri LankaChandradasa, M.; Champika, L.; Amarasuriya, M.; Wijelakshman, P.; Bandara, S.; Ranaweera, T.; Fernando, L.
2022Depressive morbidity among persons with spinal cord injury in Sri Lanka and the diagnostic utility of the Centre for Epidemiologic Studies Depression ScaleRathnayake, L.; Baminiwatta, A.; Chandradasa, M.; Fernando, L.
2020Early phase child and adolescent psychiatry response after mass trauma: lessons learned from the Easter Sunday attack in Sri LankaChandradasa, M.; Rathnayake, L.C.; Rowel, M.; Fernando, L.
2021Efficacy of a dengue vaccine candidate (TAK-003) in healthy children and adolescents two years after vaccinationLópez-Medina, E.; Biswal, S.; Saez-Llorens, X.; Borja-Tabora, C.; Bravo, L.; Sirivichayakul, C.; Vargas, L.M.; Alera, M.T.; Velásquez, H.; Reynales, H.; Rivera, L.; Watanaveeradej, V.; Rodriguez-Arenales, E.J.; Yu, D.; Espinoza, F.; Dietze, R.; Fernando, L.; Wickramasinghe, P.; Moreira Jr, E.D.; Fernando, A.D.; Gunasekera, D.; Luz, K.; da Cunha, R.V.; Tricou, V.; Rauscher, M.; Liu, M.; LeFevre, I.; Wallace, D.; Kosalaraksa, P.; Borkowski, A.; TIDES study group.
1996Failure of postexposure treatment of rabies in childrenWilde, H.; Sirikawin, S.; Sabcharoen, A.; Kingnate, D.; Tantawichien, T.; Harischandra, P.A.; Chaiyabutr, N.; de Silva, D.G.H.; Fernando, L.; Liyanage, J.B.; Sitprija, V.
2000Fertility following ligation of internal iliac arteries for life-threatening obstetric haemorrhage: case reportWagaarachchi, P. T.; Fernando, L.
2021Knowledge, challenges, quality of life and their associated factors among adult patients with Type 1 diabetes attending National Diabetes Centre - RajagiriyaFernando, L.
2021Pre-defined competency level based instructional design model for learning Anatomy in an undergraduate medical curriculumAbeykoon, I.; Fernando, L.; Fernando, A.; Weerasooriya, T.; Chandratilake, M.
2019Predictive value of persistent NS1 antigen positivity beyond 3rd day for dengue haemorrhagic fever in Sri Lankan children.Manamperi, M.; Jayamanne, B. D. W.; Somaratne, T.; Perera, N.; Fernando, L.
2005A profile of child abuse and neglect in a tertiary care hospitalFernando, A.D.; Karunasekera, K.A.W.; Fernando, L.; Samarasekera, A.
2001Screening based on risk factors for gestational diabetes in an Asian populationWagaarachchi, P.T.; Fernando, L.; Premachandra, P.; Fernando, D.J.S.
2021Three years efficacy and safety of Takeda's dengue vaccine candidate (TAK-003)Rivera, L.; Biswal, S.; Sáez-Llorens, X.; Reynales, H.; López-Medina, E.; Borja-Tabora, C.; Bravo, L.; Sirivichayakul, C.; Kosalaraksa, P.; Vargas, L.M.; Yu, D.; Watanaveeradej, V.; Espinoza, F.; Dietze, R.; Fernando, L.; Wickramasinghe, P.; Duarte Moreira, E. J.; Fernando, A. D.; Gunasekera, D.; Luz, K.; Venâncio da Cunha, R.; Rauscher, M.; Zent, O.; Liu, M.; Hoffman, E.; LeFevre, I.; Tricou, V.; Wallace, D.; Alera, M.T.; Borkowski, A.