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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Abdominal resection rectopexy with pelvic floor repair versus perinealn rectosigmoidectomy and pelvic floor repair for full-thickness rectal prolapseDeen, K.I.; Grant, E.; Billingham, C.; Keighley, M.R.
2003Abdominal suture rectopexy without large bowel resection for rectal prolapse does not result in constipation: data from prospective bowel function evaluation, anorectal physiology and transit studiesSabaratnam, V. Y.; Rathnayake, G.; Deen, K.I.
2003Accuracy of histopathology reporting in colorectalcancer (crc): we need a proformaSiriwardana, P.N.; Rathnayaka, G.; Deen, K.I.
1998Altered pelvic floor physiology in uterovaginal prolapse: evidence for a pan-pelvic floor disorderDeen, K.I.; Gunasekera, P.C.
1997Altered pelvic floor physiology in women with uterovaginal prolapse (UVP)Deen, K.I.; Gunasekara, P.C.
1993Anal sphincter defects. Correlation between endoanal ultrasound and surgeryDeen, K.I.; Kumar, D.; Williams, J.G.; Olliff, J.; Keighley, M.R.
1999Anorectal physiology and transit in patients with disorders of thyroid metabolismDeen, K.I.; Seneviratne, S.L.; de Silva, H.J.
1998An Appendiceal skips lesion in ulcerative colitis,(VC)Hewavisenthi, S.; Deen, K.I.
2008Assessment of 'nucleation time' as a predictor of cholelithiasisAbeysuriya, V.; Deen, K.I.; Kumarage, S.K.; Navarathne, N.M.
2007Beware of Variations in Bile Duct and Arterial Anatomy During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy; An Intr-operative and Cadaveric StudyAbeysuriya, V.; Deen, K.I.; Salgado, L.S.S.; Kumaragae, S.K.
2010Biliary microlithiasis, sludge, crystals, microcrystallization, and usefulness of assessment of nucleation timeAbeysuriya, V.; Deen, K.I.; Navarathne, N.M.
2008Biofeedback with and without surgery for fecal incontinence improves maximum squeeze pressure, saline retention capacity and quality of lifeMunasinghe, B.N.; Rathnayaka, M.M.G.; Parimalendran, R.; Kumarage, S.K.; de Zylva, S.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.; Deen, K.I.
2010A Case of embryonal sarcoma of the liverPathirana, A.; Siriwardana, R.C.; Deen, K.I.; Rupasinghe, Y.
2010The Changing face of the journalDeen, K.I.
2003Clinical outcome of patients having neo-adjuvant therapy(NAT) for rectal cancer: a case control studyWijesuriya, S.R.E.; Deen, K.I.; Hewavisenthi, J.; Ratnayake, G.
2010Clopidogrel and surgery "be aware"Liyanage, C.A.H.; Jayaweera, K.K.D.G.; Deen, K.I.
1999Closed loop small bowel obstruction caused by a retained faecolith complicating acute appendicular perforationGunawardena, P.A.H.A.; Deen, K.I.
2009Colonoscopic ultrasound is associated with a learning phenomenon despite previous rigid probe experienceSiriwardana, P.N.; Hewavisenthi, S.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Deen, K.I.
2017Colorectal cancer burden and trends in a South Asian cohort: experience from a regional tertiary care center in Sri LankaChandrasinghe, P.C.; Ediriweera, D.S.; Hewavisenthi, J.; Kumarage, S.K.; Fernando, F.R.; Deen, K.I.
2016Colorectal cancer in the young, many questions, few answersDeen, K.I.; Silva, H.; Deen, R.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.