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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Adapting surgical services at a tertiary care unit amidst the COVID19 pandemic: a Sri Lankan perspectiveChandrasinghe, P.C.; Siriwardana, R.C.; Kumarage, S.K.; Gunathilake, B.; Weerasuriya, A.; Munasinghe, N.M.; Thilakarathne, S.T.; Pinto, D.; Fernando, R.F.
2018Basics in molecular evolution of colorectal cancer and their implications for the surgeon: is it a 'big-bang' or a 'survival of the toughest'?Chandrasinghe, P.C.
2018Basics in molecular evolution of colorectal cancer and their implications for the surgeon: is it a 'big-bang' or a 'survival of the toughest'?Chandrasinghe, P.C.
2015Botulinum toxin injection to the puborectalis in the management of pelvic floor dyssynergiaPradeep, H.D.S.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Siriwardana, S.A.S.R.; Kumarage, S.K.
2011Clopidogrel and surgical intervention: A point to ponderChandrasinghe, P.C.; Liyanage, C.A.H.
2017Colorectal cancer burden and trends in a South Asian cohort: experience from a regional tertiary care center in Sri LankaChandrasinghe, P.C.; Ediriweera, D.S.; Hewavisenthi, J.; Kumarage, S.K.; Fernando, F.R.; Deen, K.I.
2016Colorectal cancer in the young, many questions, few answersDeen, K.I.; Silva, H.; Deen, R.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.
2015Columnar cell variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma - a rare and clinically aggressive variantPradeep, I.H.D.S.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Kannangara, K.R.; Epitakaduwa, E.K.G.D.C.; Fernando, R.F.
2014Congenital hypertrophy of retinal pigment epithelium (CHRPE) in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP); a polyposis registry experienceNusliha, A.; Dalpatadu, U.; Amarasinghe, B.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Deen, K.I.
2010Current concepts in management of chronic woundsChandrasinghe, P.C.; Ariyaratne, M.H.J.
2015Detection of incidental thyroid carcinoma is significantly higher in goiters with background thyroiditisPradeep, I.H.D.S.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Wijewardana, B.D.A.N.; Dissanayaka, D.M.C.D.; Fernando, F.R.; Buddika, U.A.; Kannangara., K.R.
2015Epidemiology of goitres in Sri Lanka with Geographic Information System Mapping: a population based cross sectional studyFernando, R.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Nandasena, S.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2011Hypocalcemia and hoarseness following total thyroidectomy for benign disease: Relationship of incidence to the size of the glandFernando, R.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Bandara, M.; Renuka, M.B.S.; Athulugama, N.S.
2018Incidental thyroid carcinoma in benign thyroid disease: A Cohort studyPinto, D.; Munasinghe, N.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Fernando, R.
2015Laparoscopically detected and nonsurgically managed ileal perforation by an ingested fish bone: a case report.Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Pathirana, C.K.
2016Lateral approach to thyroidDissanayake, D.M.C.D.; Kumarasinghe, K.A.P.R.; Pinto, M.D.P.; Amaraweera, P.C.; Munasinghe, B.N.L.; Chandrasinghe, P.C.; Fernando, R.
2011Lymphangioma of the spleen in an asymptomatic patientChandrasinghe, P.C.; Abeyrathne, I.G.K.P.; Fernando, R.F.
2020A Novel structure for online surgical undergraduate teaching during the COVID-19 pandemicChandrasinghe, P.C.; Siriwardana, R.C.; Kumarage, S.K.; Munasinghe, B.N.L.; Weerasuriya, A.; Tillakaratne, S.; Pinto, D.; Gunathilake, B.; Fernando, F.R.
2015Novel use of Absorbable Modified Polymer (AMP®); EndoClot™ as an adjunct in the management of bleeding from the liver bed during laparoscopic cholecystectomy.Chandrasinghe, P.C.; de Silva, A.; Deen, K.I.
2013Obstructive jaundice caused by a biliary mucinous cystadenoma in a woman: a case reportChandrasinghe, P.C.; Liyanage, C.; Deen, K.I.; Wijesuriya, S.R.E.