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  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Nuthana Kala Nirmana Saha K. Jayathilake, 1983)
    Today Sinhala short stories are very famous among readers. Writers have selected different areas of society for their creations. So we can know the variance of our society by reading these short stories.
  • Premaratne, Asoka Chandrasiri (1986)
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Vishva Sahithyaya (Published by dept of cultural affairs), 1990)
    Panchathanthraya and Hithopadeshaya are very ancient Sanskrit books. We can see so many influences of these books on Sinhala literature. So by this research paper I have explained important instructions which we can get ...
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Sri Revatha, 1991)
    Mayura Sandeshaya which was written by Kavishvara, belongs to Gampola period. It is our first Sinhaloa sandesha poetry. Author compliments about king, prime minister, chief incumbent and so many places from Gampola to Devi ...
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Vimalakirthi Sambhavana, 1992)
    There are two sections of this article. First I explained about translated novels in modern Sinhala literature, there are so many translations of English novels and Russian novels. Ema Bovari is also a Russsian novel. This ...
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Sinhala Sangarava, 1993)
    Commentaries books help readers to learn Pali, Sanskrit or Sinhala text books. The golden era of Sinhala commentaries literature is Polonnaruwa period. Jathaka Atuva Getapadaya belongs to Polonnaruwa period. In this research ...
  • Kumarasinghe, K. (A Glimpse of Japanese Culture, The University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1997)
    Japanese Traditional Theatre can be divided into six categories. 1 Early dances imported and indigenous, dating from the 7th century. 2 Noh, a classical lyric drama beginning in the 14th century. 3 Kyogen, comic interludes ...
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Vidyalankara, 1997)
    When we examine historical data, Vansakatha books become very useful. Deepavansa and Mahavansa are important ancient books. Among the Vansakatha literature, Sinhala Bodhi Vansaya is a significant volume. It explains the ...
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (1998)
    Polonnaruwa was known as the commentaries period because various commentaries books were written. These books helped readers to learn the text books which were written in Sanskrit, Pali and Sinhala languages. In this book ...
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Minivan P. Thilakarathne Ha Sahithya Lokaya, 1998)
    Some of Minivan P. Thilakarathne?s short stories are very sarcastic. By his short stories he explains some variances of human beings in Sinhala society.
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Sri Gnanananda Sambhavana, 1998)
    There are two kinds of Buddhism used in towns and villages in Sri Lanka. People in town go to the temple as a ritual or a hobby. They worship the triple gems without believing in them. Still, villagers maintained a genuine ...
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (1998)
    By this book I explained about Sinhala folk poetries in Kandian period. There are many folk poetries such as Vessanthara Jathaka Kavyaya, Yashodaravatha, etc. Sinhala folk writers have written these books in a very simple ...
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Uvasara, 1999)
    The writers of Sinhala commentaries were very clever. They read so many Sinhala, Pali, and Sanskrit books and developed a very rich vocabulary. Therefore, they could explain any word very clearly. By this research paper ...
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Sambhasha, 2000)
    The origin of commentaries literature belongs to Sanskrit literature. Commentary methods can also be found in Pali literature. With the help of these literatures, our Sinhala commentaries literature has evolved.
  • Gunawardhana, N.D. (Journal of the faculty of humanities, University of Kelaniya, 2004)
    Mahayana and Heenayana are two branches of Buddhism. Since Anuradhapura period, Sinhala literature was influenced by Theravada Buddhism. Occasionally Mahayanism also had some influence. By the help of some books we can see ...
  • Menike, Y.S. (Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, 2007)
  • Palliyaguru, C. (Sesatha Publishers, 2007)
  • Delabandara, G. (Sesatha Publishers, 2007)
  • Wickramasinghe, Anjalee (National Conference on the Humanities -2009. - University of Kelaniya, 2009)
  • Wickramasinghe, Anjalee (Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, 2010)

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