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  • Rev. Dr. Wadinagala Pannaloka. (International Symposium on ‘Light in Life’. The Orthodox Academy of Crete, Greece, 2018)
    Light is inseparable from life in the universe. Thus, many branches of human study have been devoted to this subject. Buddhism, a religious-philosophical system, has also discussed various aspects of light. One of the ...
  • Ven. Wadinagala Pannaloka . (2nd Global conference on “Buddhism and Women’s Liberation”, Maha Bodhi society of India., 2019)
    In early Buddhism it is recorded an encounter between the enlightened nun Somā and Māra. In response to Mara, Soma states that the femininity has nothing to do with the spiritual achievement. What are implications for today ...
  • Rev. Dr. Wadinagala Pannaloka. (Nāgānanda 2nd International Research Conclave on Buddhist Studies & Humanities (NIRCBSH2019), Nāgānanda International Institute for Buddhist Studies, Manelwatta, Bollegala, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2019)
    Since ancient times, through Buddhism, many countries from Asia to Europe, became mutual friends and worked as brothers. Today, in the twenty first century, the earth is becoming one village through the achievements of ...

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