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Agency Contribution In Achieving Temporary Agency Workers’ Organizational Commitment: A Study In ABC (Pvt) Ltd

Show simple item record Perera, T.G.T.N. Weerakkody, W.A.S. 2018-11-02T09:58:43Z 2018-11-02T09:58:43Z 2018
dc.identifier.citation Perera, T.G.T.N, and Weerakkody, W.A.S. (2017).Agency Contribution In Achieving Temporary Agency Workers’ Organizational Commitment: A Study In ABC (Pvt) Ltd. Eurasian Journal of Business and Management, 5(4), 2017 , 49-59 en_US
dc.description.abstract Temporary agency workers are coming under non-standard employments, who have temporary attachment to the working organization. With dynamic business environment and flexible work arrangements, temporary agency employments are also emerged in Sri Lanka. Temporary agency workers are dual committed employees. However, with this dual commitment, organizations face issues in achieving temporary agency workers’ commitment due to low attention of agencies to temporary agency workers. Even though the Client organization provides due attention to temporary agency workers, they fail to receive due commitment due to the lack of attention from agency to temporary agency workers. This study was conducted to identify the agency related factors affecting temporary agency workers’ commitment. This was carried out as a cross sectional field study with a sample of 93 workers from temporary agency works in the ABC (pvt) ltd. 93 temporary agency workers were selected as sample. Data were collected via a standard questionnaire that met accepted standards of validity and reliability. Descriptive statistics, Simple ranking, Factor analysis, ANOVA and Independent Sample T-Test technique were performed to analyze data. No of Temporary workers to supervisor (temp to consult ratio) is the most influencing factor of temporary agency workers’ commitment in agency context. Job satisfaction, agency support, side bets, interactional justice, lack of alternative employments, procedural justice, distributive justice, reciprocity norm acceptance, socialization, breach of psychological contract, lack of skill transferability are the other factors, which are ordered from most influencing factor to less affecting factor to workers’ organizational commitment . Findings revealed that eleven out of thirteen factors are job related factors, other two are organization related and person related factors. Most client companies provide their attention, while agencies fail to provide their due attention. It shows, it is useless to expect temporary agency workers’ commitment without providing due attention from agency. Therefore, the more dually committed the temporary agency workers are, the more eligible they are to receive dual attention from client as well as from their agency. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Temporary Agency Worker en_US
dc.subject Organizational Commitment en_US
dc.subject Agency en_US
dc.subject Temps en_US
dc.subject Outsourcing en_US
dc.title Agency Contribution In Achieving Temporary Agency Workers’ Organizational Commitment: A Study In ABC (Pvt) Ltd en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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