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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A comparative clinical study on the efficacy of Navaka Guggulu and Amritadya Guggulu in the management of obesity (Sthaulya)Jayasiri, S.A.U.S.K.; Samarakoon, S.M.S.
2012The role of Khsar sutra therapy in Fistula in AnoSharma, O.P.
2012A clinical study on Kashtartava (Primary dysmenorrhea) and its management with Matra VastiKarunagoda, K.; Shukla, K.; Donga, S.; Tanna, C.; Dei, L.P.
2012Effect of a decoction in improving platelet count and clinical conditions of a patient with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP): A case reportChandrasiri, W.A.L.; Adhikari, A.M.C.J.; Chandrakanthi, R.U.; Wewalwala, S.L.; de Mel, W.K.G.
2012Study on the efficacy of Peenisathilam on patients suffering from Peenisa noi at Vadamaradchy south west piradesha sabha, JaffnaKumutharanjan, T.
2012Clinical study of the efficacy of a selected indigenous decoction (Rathulunukalan 06) in the management of Raktarsas (Bleeding piles)Kaldera, H.P.I.J.; Pushpakumara, A.A.J.
2012Evaluation of the efficacy of selected Ayurvedic modalities in the management of DysmenorrhoeaPushpakumari, W.L.A.R.
2012Evaluation of an Ayurvedic polyherbal compound in the management of InsomniaMuthugala, M.P.S.K.R.; Goyal, M.; Chandola, H.M.
2012Efficacy of P8 Choorna in the management of Polycystic Ovarian SyndromeWakkumbura, H.P.; Deepthika, S.H.K.; Weerasinghe, W.A.R.P.; Sandyani, H.D.R.
2012A case report on selected herbal decoction in improving physical and psychological conditions of a patient with Benign Intracranial Hypertension (BIH)Chandrasiri, W.A.L.; Adhikari, A.M.C.J.; Chandrakanthi, R.U.; Wewalwala, S.L.; de Mel, W.K.G.
2012A study on the efficacy of a herbal mouthwash in the management of Sheethada and UpakushaPerera, B.P.R.; Amarasena, P.A.D.R.; Gunarathne, U.M.P.M.; Perera, J.
2012Effect of Yawanadi khanda in improving low body weight, loss of appetite and recurrence of common cold in school childrenPriyangika, R.K.N.; Chandrasiri, W.A.L.; Abegunawardhana, M.D.J.; Jayarathna, S.K.H.C.
2012A clinical study on the efficacy of Triphal-Kihiri, a traditional formula, on the management of chronic woundsEranga, K.K.I.; Perera, B.S.R.; Pushpakumara, A.A.J.
2012Vamana therapy (Therapeutic emesis) unique way of bio cleansing in chronic diseasesGopakumar, S.
2012A clinical study of the management of hypertension through relaxation (Shavasana)Gnanalatha, R.A.H.; Janakanthi, K.M.W.S.; Warathenna, P.R.
2012A pharmacodynamic study of selected ten Kashaya formulations used on Shwasa roga in traditional medicineKumudu, W.; Narnada, D.; Sahani, W.
2012A clinical study in the management of sadyovrana with Bala taila parishekaTilak, P.K.; Arawatti, S.; Swapna, B.
2012A clinical study of Sendruff shampoo (aqueous extract of Biophytum sensitium) on dandruffKularathna, D.P.D.N.; Dassanayaka, H.M.L.B.; Fernando, K.P.M.W.D.A.M.A.; Sewwandi, U.D.S.
2012A study of the selected herbal powder (S10) in the management of hirsutism and its consequenceWakkumbura, H.P.; Thushari, S.P.
2012Evaluate the efficacy of Tiktadi ksheer basti and janu basti in tha management of Sandigatavata with special reference to OsteoarthritisInoka, K.; Gopesh, M.; Sharma, A.K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20