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Title: Development of coastal water body database on KISSEL server
Authors: Dahanayaka, D.D.G.L.
Tonooka, H.
Wijeyaratne, M.J.S.
Minato, A.
Ozawa, S.
Keywords: Coastal Water
Data Sharing
Sri Lanka
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: D.D.G.L. Dahanayaka, H. Tonooka, M.J.S. Wijeyaratne, A. Minato and S. Ozawa, 2012. Development of coastal water body database on KISSEL server, Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training (ITHET), 2012 International Conference on, pp 1-6.
Abstract: Monitoring of coastal water bodies in all the relevant aspects was highly important for the sustainable use of those. To achieve this all the research findings should be easy access and presenting those in a user friendly manner will be more advantage. In Sri Lanka, there was not fully or never developed database on research findings especially on coastal water bodies. Thus we developed a Sri Lankan coastal water body database (CWBDS) on KISSEL server system which can be benefitted all the interest communities including general public. Presently it include water quality data over two decades of lagoons and estuaries and in near future it will update with support from universities and research organizations including research on biodiversity, fisheries, land use, socio economics, topography, water circulation, pollution etc.
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