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Title: ICT for Sustainable Growth in the World
Authors: Dassanayake, G.
Warnajith, N.
Minato, A.
Itaba, M.
Ozawa, S.
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Department of Zoology, University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Abstract: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), including satellites, mobile phones or the Internet, play a key role in addressing the major challenges related with climate change and sustainable development. ICTs can play a significant role to improve the carbon footprint of cities by moving to a more intelligent use of energy. Climate change has risen rapidly up the agenda of international organizations, governments, communities, universities and industry sectors in the past decade, reflecting the growing impact of climatic manifestations at multiple levels with the potential to become a major disruptive factor in the achievement of economic growth and development over the next fifty years, climate change is playing an increasing role in processes of policy design, strategy implementation, livelihood maintenance and business practices around the world. This paper aims to raise awareness of the need to design and implement strategies for the ICT sector to better prepare for, respond and adjust to the impacts of short-term and long-term climatic manifestations. It gives an overview of the importance of adaptation for the ICT sector and of the challenges and opportunities resulting from this adaptation. It also describes the ICT sector's current response to climate change and gives a list of suggested adaptation actions. ICTs are fundamental for monitoring climate change, mitigating and adapting to its effects and assisting in the transition towards a green economy. By raising awareness of the role of ICTs, it is promoting transformative solutions that can ensure a sustainable future for all.
ISBN: 978-955-4563-21-6
Appears in Collections:International Symposium on ICT for Environmental Sustainability (ICTES 2014)

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