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Title: Factors Influencing Employee Retention in Health Care Sector: A Study of Private Health Care Sector in Sri Lanka
Authors: Senthuran, S.
Keywords: Career management, Health care, Learning and development, Organizational performance, Talent attraction, Talent retention
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya
Citation: Senthuran, S. (2021). Factors Influencing Employee Retention in Health Care Sector: A Study of Private Health Care Sector in Sri Lanka. Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, p.128.
Abstract: The importance of health personnel in national growth cannot be overstated. Globally, health workers are scarce. Previous studies focused on rural and remote areas. The rural vs urban setting, and therefore the characteristics influencing health professionals' desire to stay, limit the dispersion of research findings. The research has traditionally centered on doctors and nurses. Doctors and nurses are not alone in their tasks, but allied health care workers are. Because various categories of employees have distinct requirements, and because physicians and nurses influence policy development, the survey results are limited in their generality, leading to common effects of motivating other sorts of employees. In today's ever-changing competitive corporate climate, attracting and retaining competent employees is critical. All organizations strive to increase customer and employee satisfaction, product and service quality, and employer branding. However, research on "factors influencing employee retention in healthcare" is scarce and incomplete. Thus, this study aims to find the factors Influencing Employee Retention in Healthcare and how job satisfaction mediating to talent retention and organizational performance? This study aims to collect research articles on staff retention and how it impacts the healthcare business. This publication evaluated the literature in depth, focusing on the top-ranked papers. This knowledge is critical for academics, researchers, and practitioners to develop the field using job satisfaction as a mediator. Discussion of existing research and recommendations for future study, concentrating on literature shortages. The literature study shows that talent retention has improved the healthcare industry's performance.
ISSN: 2465-6399
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