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Title: Physical, psychological, and social aspects of Quality of Life in filarial lymphedema patients in Colombo,Sri Lanka
Authors: Wijesinghe, R.S.
Wickremasinghe, A.R.
Keywords: Elephantiasis, Filarial
Quality of Life
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: SAGE Publishing
Citation: Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health. 2015; 27(2): NP2690-701 [Epub 2012 Feb 15]
Abstract: Quality of life (QOL) was assessed in 141 filarial lymphedema patients and 128 healthy people in the Colombo district, Sri Lanka, by administering modified, translated, and validated (in Sri Lanka) versions of the Short Form 36 health survey questionnaire (SF-36) and the 30-item General Health questionnaire (GHQ-30). The GHQ-30 assesses the current mental health status. The SF-36 measures health on 8 multi-item dimensions covering functional state, well-being, and overall evaluation of health (physical functioning, role limitations resulting from physical health problems, role limitations resulting from emotional problems, energy/fatigue, emotional well-being, social functioning, pain and general health). By SF-36, patients experienced poorer physical functioning, more role limitations resulting from physical health conditions, less emotional well-being, poorer social functioning, and more pain than healthy individuals. By GHQ-30, mental well-being of healthy controls was significantly better than that of patients. The significant difference in the QOL as perceived by filarial lymphedema patients and healthy individuals reiterates the importance of morbidity control in patients affected by this disease.
ISSN: 1010-5395 (Print)
1941-2479 (Electronic)
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