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Title: Effects of MLC601 on early vascular events in patients after stroke: the CHIMES study
Authors: Chen, C.L.
Venketasubramanian, N.
Lee, C.F.
Wong, K.S.
Bousser, M.G.
CHIMES Study Investigators
de Silva, A. with 38 CHIMES Study Investigators
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Citation: Stroke. 2013; 44(12):3580-3.[Epub 2013 Oct 17.]
Abstract: BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Early vascular events are an important cause of morbidity and mortality in the first 3 months after a stroke. We aimed to investigate the effects of MLC601 on the occurrence of early vascular events within 3 months of stroke onset. METHODS: Post hoc analysis was performed on data from subjects included in the CHInese Medicine Neuroaid Efficacy on Stroke recovery(CHIMES) study, a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded trial that compared MLC601 with placebo in 1099 subjects with ischemic stroke of intermediate severity in the preceding 72 hours. Early vascular events were defined as a composite of recurrent stroke, acute coronary syndrome, and vascular death occurring within 3 months of stroke onset. RESULTS: The frequency of early vascular events during the 3-month follow-up was significantly less in the MLC601 group than in the placebo group (16 [2.9%] versus 31 events [5.6%]; risk difference=-2.7%; 95% confidence interval, -5.1% to -0.4%; P=0.025) without an increase in nonvascular deaths. Kaplan-Meier survival analysis showed a difference in the risk of vascular outcomes between the 2 groups as early as the first month after stroke (Log-rank P=0.024; hazard ratio, 0.51; 95% confidence interval, 0.28-0.93). CONCLUSIONS: Treatment with MLC601 was associated with reduced early vascular events among subjects in the CHIMES study. The mechanisms for this effect require further study. CLINICAL TRIAL REGISTRATION URL:// Unique identifier: NCT00554723.
ISSN: 0039-2499 (Print)
1524-4628 (Electronic)
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