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Title: Laparoscopy as a diagnostic and therapeutic option in evaluating chronic unexplained right iliac fossa pain
Authors: Siriwardana, R.C.
Renuka, S.
Kumarage, S.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Springer International
Citation: Surgical Endoscopy. 2010; 24(11): 2793-5
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Management of chronic right iliac fossa (CRIF) pain is poorly documented in literature. No guidelines are available on the best therapeutic approach. METHOD: Patients presenting from October 2007 to August 2009 with pain persisting or recurring in right lower abdomen over a period of 6 weeks or more were assessed. Severity of CRIF pain was documented using a ten-point visual analogue scale. Initial history and examination were followed by urine analysis, blood counts, X-ray and ultrasound scan of the abdomen. Full colonoscopy was performed in all negative cases. Diagnostic or therapeutic laparoscopy was offered to patients with normal initial investigations. The normal-looking appendix was removed in the absence of other positive laparoscopic findings. Patient's immediate complications, pain score at 8 weeks and histology of appendix were assessed. RESULTS: Nineteen patients with median age of 43 years (range 32-52 years) underwent laparoscopy. All were female. Median pain score was 5 (range 4-6). During surgery, 12 (64%) had positive findings. Of these, 6 (30%) had adhesions, which were separated. Three patients with congested appendices were removed. One caecal perforation, tubal mass and ovarian cyst were treated laparoscopically. Seven (36%) patients who had macroscopically normal appendices underwent appendicectomy. There were no immediate postoperative complications. Significant improvement was seen in overall pain score after surgery (median 5, range 4-6 versus median 0, range 0-6; p = 0.001). However, only 57% of patients with normal appendix had improved pain scores (median 5, range 4-6 versus median 1, range 0-6; p = 0.12). All patients with positive laparoscopic findings improved after surgery. CONCLUSION: Laparoscopy seems effective in evaluation and treatment of CRIF pain. The role of appendicectomy with normal-looking appendix needs further evaluation
ISSN: 0930-2794 (Print)
1432-2218 (Electronic)
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