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Title: Anatomical variations of the vasculature in suprarenal glands in Sri Lankans
Authors: Salgado, L.S.S.
Abeysuriya, V.
Kumarage, S.K.
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka
Citation: The Sri Lanka Journal of Surgery. 2007; 25(2): pp.25-27
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Anatomical variations of vascular patterns in the suprarenal glands have not been very well studied..METHOD: A descriptive study was performed in 40 human cadavers to identify the anatomical variations in the vasculature of the suprarenal gland. RESULTS: Superior, middle and inferior groups of arteries supplied the suprarenal glands, superior and inferior groups were present in all while the middle group was found in only 94.5%. The superior group had 3 arteries in males and 4 in females on each side. The middle had 01 artery on each side in both sexes. The inferior group had 2 arteries in males and 1 in females on each side. The superior group originated from the posterior branch of the ipsilateral inferior phrenic artery in 85.5% +/- 6.3 on the right and 82% +/- 7.5 on the left. With regard to the middle group, the aortic origin was the most frequent; 55.4%+/- 8.1 on the right and 44.6%+/- 8.1 on the left. The origin of the middle group from the trunk of the inferior Phrenic artery on both sides were, 25.6%+/-8.4 on the right and 38.57% +/- 8.6 on the left. The arteries of the inferior group arose from the ipsilateral renal artery in 75% +/- 8.5 on the right and 53% +/- 8.7 on the left. CONCLUSION: The most number of variations were found in relation to the middle group of suprarenal arteries, whilst superior and inferior groups were constant.
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ISSN: 1391-491X (Print)
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