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Title: E-Commerce Organization’s Information System Necessities.
Authors: Bandara, T.A.C.J.S.
Pathiratne, S.
Keywords: Management
E-commerce Organizations
CASE Instruments
Information System
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Department of Library and Information Science,Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya,Sri Lanka.
Citation: Bandara, T.A.C.J.S. and Pathiratne, S.(2017).E-Commerce Organization’s Information System Necessities. Department of Library and Information Science,Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya,Sri Lanka. p 10.
Abstract: The digital era offers incipient ways of doing business. The prosperity of these innovative approaches consists in obtaining the needed information more expeditious than ever, executing transactions in authentic time and perpetually refining methods and procedures. So far, enterprises are simply start to grasp the advantages of the business electronic systems. At the moment, author availed at a great society transformation, from a paper-predicated to an electronic-predicated modus operandi.E-commerce organizations (EO), Virtual Enterprises (VE) or web-enterprises (WE) are withal global scale enterprises, acting on planetary level by utilizing ICT. In fact, these are enterprises “based on information”, on erudition; they are built on advanced cutting edge information handling technologies., Administration structure is simplerIn these enterprises, with fewer bureaucracy and, in conclusion, more malleable. Information has a multiplier role, triggering all economic subdivisions. It avails the enterprise optimization, raising the productivity, while depressing costs.The incrementing involution of daily quandaries, together with the circumscribed time for solving them, pose the incipient stresses on software designers’, who claim additional and more CASE utensils, in dissimilar phases of the information system project. Underneath these conditions, the developing medium engenderers connect modeling instruments (CASE), and instrument engenderers are in favor of tighter linking of instruments for developing mediums.The setting-up and upkeep of e-commerce activities, which require maximum security conditions for all transactions, as well as other commercial functions such as apprising users or promoting products with maxim effectiveness, under the compression of authentic- time transactions, are all information system designer tasks.The cull of one of the numerous solutions at hand is tenacious, to a great extent, by the performance criteria and business orchestrating of each corporation, by predictable outcomes of the commercial activity. Other prosperity factors are represented by the experience, professional training, and innovative spirit, and ingeniousness, power of acclimating and capacity of utilizing the already existent resolution capabilities, of the design squad.This study will present some germane aspects of the E-commerce organizations information system requisites, CASE modeling techniques and of the VE internal and external relationships
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