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Title: Does the retrosternal extension of a goitre and its relationghip to the aortic arch determines the surgical approach
Authors: Kumarasinghe, K.A.P.R.
Pinto, M.D.P.
Munasinghe, B.N.L.
Dissanayake, D.M.C.D.
Abeyrathne, I.G.K.P.
Amaraweera, P.C.
Fernando, R.
Keywords: Retrosternal extension
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Sri Lanka Medical Association
Citation: Sri Lanka Medical Association, 129th Anniversary International Medical Congress. 2016: 139
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Retrosternal extension (RSE) is defined as the enlargement of the thyroid below the thoracic inlet. The greatest challenge in embarking on surgery in RSE is to decide whether to involve an intra-thoracic approach (sternotomy or thoracotomy) or not, as this approach accounts for added morbidity & mortality. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study is to analyse whether the relationship of the retrosternal component of a goitre to the aortic arch decides the surgical approach of total thyroidectomy. METHOD: A total of 527 thyroidectomies were performed at Colombo North Teaching Hospital professorial unit during the period from November, 2002 to February, 2016. There were 51 patients with radiological evidence of retrosternal goitre (6.27%). These patients were categorized into 2 groups according to the degree of RSE. Groups were defined as extension of goitre above the arch of aorta (AA) and below AA. RESULTS: 50 (98%) patients had RSE above the AA and 1 patient had RSE below the AA. RSE was seen on the right side of the mediastinum in 3 (5.88%) patients, on the left in 8 (15.68%) patients and bilaterally in 40 (78.43%). Total thyroidectomy was undertaken in all 50 patients with RSE above the AA, through cervical approach without an added morbidity. The patient with RSE beyond the AA underwent total thyroidectomy with axillary thoracotomy. CONCLUSIONS: Majority of the RSE is above the AA, which can be dealt with a cervical approach and extension below the AA may need an intra-thoracic approach.
Description: Oral Presentation Abstract (OP 60), 129th Anniversary International Medical Congress, Sri Lanka Medical Association, 25-27 July 2016 Colombo, Sri Lanka
ISSN: 0009-0895
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