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Title: A Sacred Pilgrimage Centre - Adam Peak in Sri Lanka
Authors: Jain, S.
Keywords: Adam Peak
Bhddhist legend
Hindu legend
Islamic legend
Christian legend
Jain legend
Specialty of Peak
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Centre for Asian Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Citation: Jain, Sharadchandra 2017. A Sacred Pilgrimage Centre - Adam Peak in Sri Lanka. International Conference on Buddhism and Jainism in Early Historic Asia, 16th – 17th February 2017, Centre for Asian Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. p 40-41.
Abstract: Introduction: The most conspicuous mountain in Sri Lanka, 7352.8 ft. high is situated in 60 -48’-59” N and 800 -29’-58” E on the boundary of the central province and Sabaragamuwa ten miles (16 km.) North-East of Ratnapura. The sumit is small. According to the measurements made by lieut. Malcolm (the first European who ascended the Adam’s Peak); its area is 74’ x 24’ ft. The apex of the mountain is a rock, which stands in the middle of the enclosure about 6 to 8 ft above the ground level. On its top is the object of worship of the natives – the Sreepad. This is sacred impression as they imagine of the foot of Boodho, as He visited island. Buddhist Version: The peak is called as ‘Samana Kuta’ by Buddhist. As per traditional faith, Buddha on his last visit to Sri Lanka after propounding the doctrines at Kelaniya, “rising a loft into the air displayed the impression of his foot on the mountain Samana Kuta, he enjoyed the rest of noon day, departed for Dighavasi” (Mahavansa P7) Vedica or Hindu Version: In Sinhalese the mountain is called Sri Pad (sacred foot-Print) Lord Vishnus’ footprint are called as shree-pad. There is a legend that Vishnu rested here. slamic Version: The Prophet of Islam came to Sri Lanka during his life time; ascended the peak. In his memory, Islamic population visits the peak in Feb. month in middle ages. Christian Version: It is believed by the Christian that prophet Christ delivered his sermon from this peak. He visited Sri Lanka. So the peak is famous with the biblical name of Adam. There are many legends around the peak. Jain Version: The Jain saint Acharya Jinprabhasuri wrote in his book named “Vividhtirth Kalpa” that Jain tirthankar’s statue was erected at mountain going into sky near Ratnapur of Sri Lanka. So he arranged pilgrimage (about 10th century A.D.) to this peak. Today no one Jain statue or inscription found at the summit. It is presumed that it was dislocated or destroyed during the reign of King Vattagamini (1 st century A.D.). Mahavansa a great book of Buddhist faith narrates that he has destroyed various Jain idols, monuments, and archeological sites in Sri Lanka. However it is sure that this peak gives immense pleasure to any holy person at the top of summit without any religious shade from time immemorial.
ISBN: 978-955-704-025-7
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