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Title: Organizational Politics in Sri Lankan Business Organizations
Authors: Gunasekare, U.L.T.P.
Keywords: Organizational Politics
Selectively Using Information
Managing Impressions
Generating Support for Ideas
Praising Others
Building Coalitions
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Citation: Gunasekare, U.L.T.P. 2016. Organizational Politics in Sri Lankan Business Organizations. 7th International Conference on Business & Information ICBI – 2016, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. p 78.
Abstract: Organizational politics is endemic to organizations and it is unavoidable by its nature. People come to work situations with many goals, not just one unified goal. These goals invoke conflict and competition among workers for the expenditure of scarce resources. So organizational politics involves amassing organizational power for personal benefits, rather than organizational objectives. Organizational politics can adversely affect organizational productivity. Organizational politics can be functional as well to the organizations. Therefore this study attempts to ascertain most common political behaviors in Sri Lankan business organizations which could be employed for the meaningful positive outcomes. In revealing the genuine thoughts regarding their political behaviors, the study employed qualitative research techniques. Study revealed that five political behaviors most frequently exist were selectively using information, managing impressions, and generating support for ideas, praising others and building coalitions. Finally the paper discusses how these political behaviors could be utilized for constructive organizational effects as practical implications.
ISSN: 2465-6399
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