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Title: Web based library services of university libraries in Sri Lanka: A content analysis
Authors: Si, Li
Ranaweera, R.A.A.S.
Keywords: Web-based library services
University library
Library websites
Content analysis
Sri Lanka
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Shanghai Scientific and Technological Literature press
Citation: Si, Li and Ranaweera, R.A.A.S. 2016. Web based library services of university libraries in Sri Lanka: A content analysis. The Proceedings of the Eighth Shanghai International Library Forum, Shangai, China.
Abstract: The library website symbolizes the library as well as the opulence of the parent organization to the world via World Wide Web (WWW). Hence the library website should be systematically developed with accurate and up to date information to fulfill the information requirements of the clients. Sri Lanka, as a developing country, successfully adopts modern Information Communication Technology trends to higher education as well as libraries. The main objective of this study is to investigate the web based library services of university libraries in Sri Lanka. Further it would give suggestions and recommendations to develop a better library service to the users in the academic communities of the surveyed universities. There were fifteen government university libraries which are included in University Grants Commission, selected as the study sample using purposive sampling technique based on research objectives. A web-based survey was conducted to collect the data. Library websites were analyzed by a check-list of 55 items covered topics of site description, currency, website aids and tools, library general information, library resources, library services, links to E-resources and Value added services. This particular check-list was developed by the researchers, based on literature reviews and previous studies related to the topic. Findings of the study shows that surveyed universities identified library website as an important element in the university. None of the libraries had all the items in the check-list and library websites of university of Colombo (39), University of Ruhuna (35) and University of Peradeniya (34) consisted the maximum number of items in the check-list. This study recommended that university library websites in Sri Lanka should be more focused on adding new web based library services to be more compatible with constantly changing technology and ever growing demands of the users than uploading much information on library administration.
ISBN: 978-7-5439-7063-2
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