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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Factors influencing on purchase intention of organic food products in Sri LankaWeerasiri, R.A.S.; Maldeniya, D.
2016Impact of Brand Awareness on Purchase Intention: With Special Reference to Mobile Phone BrandsJayasekara, J.M.D.N.; Wijethunga, W.M.H.U.
2015Impact of Key Purchasing Determinants on Purchase Intention of Hybrid Vehicle Brands in Sri Lanka, an Empirical StudyKarunanayake, R.K.T.; Wanninayake, W.M.C.B.
2016Impact of brand personality determinants towards purchasing intention: a study on branded umbrella products in Sri LankaRiyas, M.; Herath, H.M.R.P.
2015Perceived Brand Value Benefits of Tea Product and its Impact on Consumer Behavior Study on Sri LankaRasheed, M.S.; Patabendige, S.
2016Relationship between Perceived Brand Equity and Purchase Intention of Life Insurance Brands in Sri Lanka: A Concept PaperGunawardane, N.; Munasinghe, A.; Dissanayake, D.M.R.
2016Customer Purchase Intention towards Environmental Friendly Vehicles in Sri LankaYatigammana, M.R.K.N.; Kawshala, H.
2016Impact of Perceived Web Site Quality on Consumer Buying Intention: Online Retail Consumers in Colombo DistrictWijethunga, K.D.S.K.; Gunawardana, H.M.R.S.S.
2017Study on Purchasing Intention of Smart Phone Market in Sri Lanka (With Special Reference to University Undergraduates).Madushani, R.H.S.; Ubayachandra, E.G.
2017A Study on Impact of Social Media Marketing Of Fashion Retailer Brands in Sri Lanka on Customer Purchase Intention.Wijegunawardhana, S.M.; Weerasiri, R.A.S.