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This collection contains original research articles, review articles and case reports published in local and international peer reviewed journals by the staff members of the Faculty of Medicine

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1974
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The effects of an intervention using Low-Tech visual scene displays and aided modeling with young children with complex communication needsMuttiah, N.; Riley, L.; Bongo, H.; Beale, B.; Drager, K. D. R.
2019Two-a-pack cigarette packet in Sri Lanka: an affordability experiment by the tobacco industry?Wijesuriya, H.; Perera, M. N.; de Silva, G.; Vithanage, P. R.; Dineshkumar, P.; Lakmal, S.; Fernando, I. B.; Rajasuriya, M.; Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC) Sri Lanka
2019Predatory efficacy of five locally available copepods on Aedes larvae under laboratory settings: An approach towards bio-control of dengue in Sri Lanka.Udayanga, L.; Ranathunge, T.; Iqbal, M. C. M.; Abeyewickreme, W.; Hapugoda, M.
2019Prevalence of Ectoparasitic Infections and Other Dermatological Infections and Their Associated Factors among School Children in Gampaha District, Sri LankaGunathilaka, N.; Chandrasena, N.; Udayanga, L.
2019Multi-ancestry genome-wide gene-smoking interaction study of 387,272 individuals identifies new loci associated with serum lipids.Bentley, A. R.; Chasman, D. I.; Schwander, K.; Ntalla, I.; Kraja, A. T.; Winkler, T. W.; Brown, M. R.; Sung, Y. J.; Lim, E.; Huffman, J. E.; Vojinovic, D.; Sim, X.; Cheng, C. Y.; Lu, Y.; Liu, J.; Guo, X.; Deng, X.; Musani, S. K.; Li, C.; Feitosa, M. F.; Richard, M. A.; Noordam, R.; Baker, J.; Chen, G.; Aschard, H.; Bartz, T. M.; Ding, J.; Dorajoo, R.; Manning, A. K.; Rankinen, T.; Smith, A. V.; Tajuddin, S. M.; Zhao, W.; Graff, M.; Alver, M.; Boissel, M.; Chai, J. F.; Chen, X.; Divers, J.; Evangelou, E.; Gao, C.; Goel, A.; Hagemeijer, Y.; Harris, S. E.; Hartwig, F. P.; He, M.; Horimoto, A. R. V. R.; Hsu, F. C.; Hung, Y. J.; Jackson, A. U.; Kasturiratne, A.; Komulainen, P.; Kühnel, B.; Leander, K.; Lin, K. H.; Luan, J.; Lyytikäinen, L. P.; Matoba, N.; Nolte, I. M.; Pietzner, M.; Prins, B.; Riaz, M.; Robino, A.; Said, M. A.; Schupf, N.; Scott, R. A.; Sofer, T.; Stancáková, A.; Takeuchi, F.; Tayo, B. O.; van der Most, P. J.; Varga, T. V.; Wang, T. D.; Wang, Y.; Ware, E. B.; Wen, W.; Xiang, Y. B.; Yanek, L. R.; Zhang, W.; Zhao, J. H.; Adeyemo, A.; Afaq, S.; Amin, N.; Amini, M.; Arking, D. E.; Arzumanyan, Z.; Aung, T.; Ballantyne, C.; Barr, R. G.; Bielak, L. F.; Boerwinkle, E.; Bottinger, E. P.; Broeckel, U.; Chen, Y. I.; Charumathi, S.; Canouil, M.; Campbell, A.; Cade, B. E.; Brown, M.; Christensen, K.; de Las Fuentes, L.; Connell, J. M.; Concas, M. P.; COGENT-Kidney Consortium; de Silva, H. J.; de Vries, P. S.; Doumatey, A.; Duan, Q.; Eaton, C. B.; Eppinga, R. N.; Faul, J. D.; Floyd, J. S.; Gigante, B.; Gharib, S. A.; Forouhi, N.G.; Ghanbari, M.; Gao, H.; Gandin, I.; Friedlander, Y.; Forrester, T.; Hixson, J. E.; Hirata, M.; Justice, A. E.; Jonas, J. B.; Johnson, C.; Joehanes, R.; Jia, Y.; EPIC-InterAct Consortium; Ikram, M. A.; Katsuya, T.; Khor, C. C.; Kilpeläinen, T. O.; Koh, W. P.; Kolcic, I.; Kooperberg, C.; Krieger, J. E.; Kritchevsky, S. B.; Kubo, M.; Kuusisto, J.; Lakka, T. A.; Langefeld, C. D.; Langenberg, C.; Launer, L. J.; Lehne, B.; Lewis, C. E.; Li, Y.; Liang, J.; Lin, S.; Liu, C.T.; Liu, J.; Liu, K.; Loh, M.; Lohman, K. K.; Louie, T.; Luzzi, A.; Mägi, R.; Mahajan, A.; Manichaikul, A. W.; McKenzie, C. A.; Meitinger, T.; Metspalu, A.; Milaneschi, Y.; Milani, L.; Mohlke, K. L.; Momozawa, Y.; Morris, A. P.; Murray, A. D.; Nalls, M. A.; Nauck, M.; Nelson, C. P.; North, K. E.; O'Connell, J. R.; Palmer, N. D.; Papanicolau, G. J.; Pedersen, N. L.; Peters, A.; Peyser, P. A.; Polasek, O.; Poulter, N.; Raitakari, O. T.; Reiner, A. P.; Renström, F.; Rice, T. K.; Rich, S. S.; Robinson, J. G.; Rose, L. M.; Rosendaal, F. R.; Rudan, I.; Schmidt, C. O.; Schreiner, P. J.; Scott, W. R.; Sever, P.; Shi, Y.; Sidney, S.; Sims, M.; Smith, J. A.; Snieder, H.; Starr, J. M.; Strauch, K.; Stringham, H. M.; Tan, N. Y. Q.; Tang, H.; Taylor, K. D.; Teo, Y. Y.; Tham, Y. C.; Tiemeier, H.; Turner, S. T.; Uitterlinden, A. G.; Understanding Society Scientific Group; van Heemst, D.; Waldenberger, M.; Wang, H.; Wang, L.; Wang, L.; Wei, W. B.; Williams, C. A.; Wilson, G. Sr.; Wojczynski, M. K.; Yao, J.; Young, K.; Yu, C.; Yuan, J. M.; Zhou, J.; Zonderman, A. B.; Becker, D. M.; Boehnke, M.; Bowden, D. W.; Chambers, J. C.; Cooper, R. S.; de Faire, U.; Deary, I. J.; Elliott, P.; Esko, T.; Farrall, M.; Franks, P. W.; Freedman, B. I.; Froguel, P.; Gasparini, P.; Gieger, C.; Horta, B. L.; Juang, J. J.; Kamatani, Y.; Kammerer, C. M.; Kato, N.; Kooner, J. S.; Laakso, M.; Laurie, C. C.; Lee, I. T.; Lehtimäki, T.; Lifelines Cohort; Magnusson, P. K. E.; Oldehinkel, A. J.; Penninx, B. W. J. H.; Pereira, A. C.; Rauramaa, R.; Redline, S.; Samani, N. J.; Scott, J.; Shu, X. O.; van der Harst, P.; Wagenknecht, L. E.; Wang, J. S.; Wang, Y. X.; Wareham, N. J.; Watkins, H.; Weir, D. R.; Wickremasinghe, A. R.; Wu, T.; Zeggini, E.; Zheng, W.; Bouchard, C.; Evans, M. K.; Gudnason, V.; Kardia, S. L. R.; Liu, Y.; Psaty, B. M.; Ridker, P. M.; van Dam, R. M.; Mook-Kanamori, D. O.; Fornage, M.; Province, M. A.; Kelly, T. N.; Fox, E. R.; Hayward, C.; van Duijn, C. M.; Tai, E. S.; Wong, T. Y.; Loos, R. J. F.; Franceschini, N.; Rotter, J. I.; Zhu, X.; Bierut, L. J.; Gauderman, W. J.; Rice, K.; Munroe, P. B.; Morrison, A. C.; Rao, D. C.; Cupples, L. A.; Rotimi, C. N.
2019The Diversity of Human Dirofilariasis in Western Sri LankaChandrasena, T. G. A. N.; Premaratna, R.; Mallawaarachchi, C. H.; Gunawardena, N. K.; Gunathilaka, P. A. D. H. N.; Abeyewickrama, W. Y.; de Silva, N. R.
2019Use of mechanical and behavioural methods to eliminate female Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus for sterile insect technique and incompatible insect technique applications.Gunathilaka, N.; Ranathunge, T.; Udayanga, L.; Wijegunawardena, A.; Gilles, J. R. L.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2019Immediate-Release Methylphenidate-Associated Recurrent Nasal Bleeding in Siblings.Chandradasa, M.; Rathnayake, L. C.
2019Barriers for Cataract Treatment among Elderly in Sri LankaNishad, N.; Hewage, S. A.; Arulmoly, K.; Amaratunge, M. S.; de Silva, J.; Kasturiratne, K. T. A. A.; Abeysundara, P. K.; Wickramasinghe, A. R.
2019Prescribing, dispensing and administration indicators to describe rational use of oral dosage forms of medicines given to childrenNadeshkumar, A.; Sathiadas, G.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Ranganathan, S. S.
2019Predictive value of persistent NS1 antigen positivity beyond 3rd day for dengue haemorrhagic fever in Sri Lankan children.Manamperi, M.; Jayamanne, B. D. W.; Somaratne, T.; Perera, N.; Fernando, L.
2019Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and pregnancy complications among Sri Lankan women: A cross sectional analytical study.Herath, R. P.; Siriwardana, S. R.; Ekanayake, C. D.; Abeysekara, V.; Kodithuwakku, S. U. A.; Herath, H. P.
2019A Comprehensive Analysis on Abundance, Distribution, and Bionomics of Potential Malaria Vectors in Mannar District of Sri LankaGunathilaka, N.; Hapugoda, M.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2019Socioeconomic inequality and determinants of postnatal home visits made by public health midwives: An analysis of the Sri Lanka Demographic and Health Survey.Siriwardhana, D. D.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Wickremasinghe, A. R.
2019Place for elective cholecystectomy for patients with severe thalassaemia: a retrospective case control study.Premawardhena, A.; Fernando, R.; Kumarage, S.; Nishad, N.; Goonatilleke, D.; Silva, I.; Mettananda, S.
2019Biallelic variants in DNA2 cause microcephalic primordial dwarfism.Tarnauskaitė, Z.; Bicknell, L. S.; Marsh, J. A.; Murray, J. E.; Parry, D. A.; Logan, C. V.; Bober, M. B.; de Silva, D. C.; Duker, A. L.; Sillence, D.; Wise, C.; Jackson, A. P.; Murina, O.; Reijns, M. A. M.
2019National Maternal Death surveillance and Response: Sri Lankan scenarioWijesinghe, P. A.; Jayaratne, K.; Peiris, D.
2019Adherence to tobacco control policy implementation: a cross sectional study in a selected area in Ragama town, Sri LankaAthauda, L. K.; Pathiraja, C. K.; Pathirana, A. C.; Pathiraja, S. K.; Nonis, W. M.; Nimrod, D.
2019Role of a dedicated support group in retaining malaria-free status of Sri Lanka.Datta, R.; Mendis, K.; Wikremasinghe, R.; Premaratne, R.; Fernando, D.; Parry, J.; Rolfe, B.
2019Transferability of faculty development resources.Olupeliyawa, A. M.; Venkateswaran, S.; Wai, N.; Mendis, K.; Flynn, E.; Hu, W.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1974