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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Intestinal parasitoses and the nutritional status of Veddah children in Sri LankaChandrasena, T.G.A.N.; Premaratna, R.; de Alwis, A.C.; de Silva, L.D.R.; Morel, R.P.; de Silva, N.R.
2002Effect of pollution on health of residents in an industrial area in Sri LankaPremaratna, R.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Chandrasekara, B.; Dissanayake, A.S.; de Silva, H.J.
2003Seroprevalence of rubella antibodies among pregnant females in Sri LankaPalihawadana, P.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; Perera, J.
2002Mini Mental State Examination in Sinhalese: a sensitive test to screen for dementia in Sri Lankade Silva, H.A.; Gunatilake, S.B.
2007Evaluation of the effectiveness of the national vitamin A supplementation programme among school children in Sri LankaMadatuwa, T.M.; Mahawithanage, S.T.C.; Chandrika, U.G.; Jansz, E.R.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
2011Sleep deprivation, physical activity and low income are risk factors for inadequate weight gain during pregnancy: a cohort studyAbeysena, C.; Jayawardana, P.
2003Cognitive performance at school entry of children living in malaria-endemic areas of Sri LankaFernando, D.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Mendis, K.N.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
1999Hepatitis B and C virus markers among new entrant medical studentsPremawardhena, A.P.; Premaratna, R.; Jayaweera, G.; Costa, S.; Chandrasena, L.G.; de Silva, H.J.
2010Knowledge of basic epidemiological and statistical concepts among doctors in selected Sri Lankan hospitalsAbeysena, H.T.C.S.; Jayawardana, P.L.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; Wickramasinghe, U.
2015Evaluation of teaching and learning in family medicine by students: a Sri Lankan experienceRamanayake, R.P.J.C.; de Silva, A.H.W.; Perera, D.P.; Sumanasekera, R.D.N.; Gunasekara, R.; Chandrasiri, P.