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Title: Contribution of physical activity and sedentary behaviour to glycaemic status in urban women
Authors: Waidyatilaka, P.H.I.U.
de Silva, A.
Lanerolle, P.
Wickremasinghe, R.
Somasundaram, N.
Atukorala, S.
Keywords: glycaemic status
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Sri Lanka Medical Assosiation
Citation: Sri Lanka Medical Association, 125th International Medical Congress. 2012;57 Suppliment1: 17
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Physical activity plays a significant role in the development of Type 2 diabetes mellitus and the role of sedentary behaviour is gaining importance. This association may exist even in persons meeting exercise guidelines. AIMS: To assess percentage fat mass (FM%), waist circumference (WC), physical activity (PA) and sedentary behaviour (sitting time) in relation to glycaemic status in urban women. METHODS: Newly diagnosed diabetic and non diabetic urban women (30-45 years) were recruited in a community based cross sectional study following screening using fasting blood sugar (n-425). HbAlc was used to categorise "worn en as normoglycaemic (n=182) or dysglycaemic (n=243). PA and sitting time were assessed by the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). WC was measured and FM% was determined by Bio-impedance analysis. Means were used to describe variables and Spearman correlation coefficients and multiple linear regression analysis were used to test for associations. Results: Mean age of women was 37.7+4.0 years. Compared with normoglycemics, dysglycaemics had significantly higher WC(70.7±7.1 vs 80.7±7.5cm), FM% (32.0±5.6 vs 37.0±4.7%), and sitting time (144±66 vs 311±120 minutes/day)(p<0.001 for each variable). PA (7252±2935 vs 2769±1762METminutes/week) was significantly lower (p<0.001) in dysglycemics. WC(rs=0.575, p<0.001), sitting time (rs=0.712, p<0.001) were significantly correlated with HbAlc. PA (rs=- 0.719, p<0.001) was negatively correlated with HbAlc. WC and sitting time were significantly associated with glycaemic status (F=69.3, p<0.001) after adjusting for PA. CONCLUSIONS: WC, sitting time and PA are significantly associated with glycaemic status. Independent of PA, WC and sedentary behaviour are associated with dysglycaemia.
Description: Oral Presentation Abstract (OP 10), 125th Anniversary Scientific Medical Congress, Sri Lanka Medical Association, June 2012 Colombo, Sri Lanka
ISSN: 0009-0895
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