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Title: Aetiology of cirrhosis in a tertiary referral centre in Sri Lanka
Authors: Dassanayake, A.S.
Mettananda, K.C.D.
de Silva, A.P.
de Silva, H.J.
Keywords: Liver Cirrhosis
Liver Cirrhosis-etiology
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Wiley Blackwell Scientific Publications
Citation: Liver International. 2005; 25(6) : 1291-92
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Alcoholic liver disease is widely believed to be the commonest cause of cirrhosis in Sri Lanka. However, with the rising prevalence of obesity and diabetes, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is increasingly being diagnosed. Despite being situated in an intermediate to high transmission region, the prevalence of both hepatitis B (o2%) and C ( 1%) is low in our population. AIMS: To study the aetiology of cirrhosis in a tertiary referral centre in Sri Lanka. METHODS: We analysed the database of outpatients with cirrhosis maintained since 2001, reviewing records with regard to aetiology. A diagnosis of cirrhosis was established on clinical, biochemical and radiological evidence, and confirmed histologically when required. A detailed alcohol and drug history was obtained from all cirrhotic patients. Hepatitis B and C serology, iron and copper studies, and an autoimmune screen were also performed. RESULTS: Records of 101 patients were analysed (male:female 5 78:23, mean age 38.3 years (SD 17.5)). The aetiology of cirrhosis was as follows: alcohol 64 patients (63.4%, male:female 5 60:4), cryptogenic 24 (23.8%, male:female 5 12:12), chronic hepatitis B four (all males), autoimmune hepatitis four (all females), Wilson’s disease two (both females), previously diagnosed NASH two (one male, one female), and chronic hepatitis C one (male). The prevalence of diabetes was 45% among patients with cryptogenic cirrhosis compared to 27% among patients with other causes. CONCLUSIONS: Alcohol remains the commonest cause of cirrhosis in our patients. Cryptogenic cirrhosis was the second commonest cause overall, and the commonest among females. The high prevalence of diabetes among patients with cryptogenic cirrhosis suggests an aetiology of previously undetected NASH.
Description: Poster Session Abstract (No.117), 15th Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver(APASL), 2004, Bali Indonesia
ISSN: 1478-3223 (Print)
1478-3231 (Electronic)
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