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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Yama and Niyama Mention in Yoga Dharshana for Balance Life Style.Silva, P.A.S.N.; Prabhashwari, A.L.S.; Jayawardhane, K.B.
2015Yantra – The Visual aspects of Shankara’s Philosophy and its relevance to Contemporary Indian ArtistsChavan, S.M.
2015Yantras of Shankara and their influence on Indian Tantric Artists Wwith reference to G.R. Santosh and K.V. HaridasanChavan, S.M.
2016"Yavahan error" in Sinhala ProsodySameera, M.A.G.J.
2015Yellow crazy ant, Anoplolepis gracilipes, threatens the community of ground-dwelling arthropods in dry evergreen forest, ThailandHasin, S.; Ohashi, M.; Yamane, S.; Tasen, W.; Sakchoowong, W.; Yamada, A.
2002Yellow oleander poisoning in Sri Lanka: outcome in a secondary care hospitalFonseka, M.M.D.; Seneviratne, S.L.; de Silva, C.E.; Gunatilake, S.B.; de Silva, H.J.
2000Yield predictive models for Sri Lankan reservoir fisheriesNissanka, C.; Amarasinghe, U.S.; de Silva, S.S.
2006Yoga in managing the emotions and stress in executivesPragadeeswaran, S.; Panchanatham, N.
2017Yoga in Sramana TraditionJain, N.K.
2017Yoga in śramaņa traditionJain, N.K.
2017Yoga: Between Notion and Rationality.Singh, D.P.; Saini, B. L.
2016Yogācāra Viññānavadins’ Attitudes Towards the Existence of the Empirical WorldSobitha Thero, Karapikkada; Wimaladhamma Thero, Ampe
2014Yone Noguchi’s Poetics as a Writer of ‘‘Dual Nationality’’HORI, Madoka Nagai
2007You and I in Translation ....Gamage, K.N.; Boralugoda, A.
1998The Young woman who could not stop vomitingde Silva, A.P.; Molagoda, A.; Fernando, P.L.N.; de Silva, H.J.
2015Your morning cuppa and the language of disability: a study of usage of metaphors and attitudes in telugu news reportingBendukurthi, Nookaraju
2011Youth aspirations, social mobility and goal attainment of education in Sri LankaSamarakoon, S.J.M.N.G.; Rasnayake, S.
2006The Z dimension of X and Y theoriesDegamboda, S.
2016A zero configuration protocol stack for device-to-device communication in a private Wi-Fi networkWickramarathne, I.Y.; Jayawardena, B.; Rajapakse, C.
2016Zinc content and prediction of bio-availability of zinc in some locally grown rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties in Sri LankaHerath, H.; Rajapakse, D.; Wimalasena, S.; Weerasooriya, M.K.B.