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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988n-type electrical conductivity in cuprous oxide thin filmsSiripala, W.; Kumara, K.P.
2015Nadduvar, the custodians of temple art forms in Jaffna societySivapathan, A.
2011Naganika’s inscription at Naneghat with special reference to Vedic sacrificesJadhav, S.S.
2017Nagaradi Modaka in the management of hemorrhoids: rationality from Ayurvedic perspectivePushpakumara, A.A.J.; Willamuna, S.M.S.K.
2016The Nagaraja guard-stone during the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa periodsRathnasiri, R.
1995Nagarjuna’s moral philosophy and Sinhala BuddhismKalupahana, D.J.
1994Nagasena Bhiksu Sutra: An Annotated Translation and StudyVen. Guang Xing
2015Nalanda Metal Icon Art (Dhatu-Silpa)Sawarna
2015Nalanda Metal Icon Art (Dhatu-Silpa)Swarna
2000Namarupaparicchedo of Ven. Anuruddhacariya TheraDhammapala himi, Induragare
2015NANDA RAJ JAAT: The World’s Longest Pilgrimage on FootChauhan, A.
1983Nandasena Mudiyanse, Vaijayanta TantraJayasuriya, M.H.F.
2014Nanocrystals of a Metal–Organic Complex Exhibit Remarkably High Conductivity that Increases in a Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal TransformationHutchins, K.M.; Rupasinghe, T.P.; Ditzler, L.R.; Swenson, D.C.; Sander, J.R.G.; Baltrusaitis, J.; Tivanski, A.V.; MacGillivray, L.R.
2005Nanolocalized Nonlinear Electron Photoemission under Coherent ControlStockman, M.I.; Hewageegana, P.
2016Nanosilica from Sri Lankan Vein Quartz: Synthesis, Surface Modification and CharacterizationPremaratne, W.A.P.J.; Priyadarshana, W.M.G.I.
2009Narrating madness: The ambiguous narrative voice of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The yellow wallpaper”Manuratne, P.
2012Narrative and Myth in Print Media Coverage of Women who Kill their Children in the Case of AbortionTharumarajah, K.
2011Nascent venture performance : linking novelty of venture ideas and commitment of firm founders as predictorsSemasinghe, D.M.; Davidsson, P.; Steffens, P.R.
2014Nasojejunal feeding versus feeding jejunostomy after upper gastrointestinal surgeryRanjithatharsini, M.; Deen, K.; Kumarage, S.; Liyanage, C.; Siriwardana, R.; Gunathilake, B.
2018Nation Branding and its Impact on Enhancing National Image: Special Reference to AustraliaSachikala, I.P.Y.N.