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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Isolation of a plasmid harbouring cellulolytic bacterial strain from decomposing rice strawWeerakoon, D M N; Sirisena, D M
2018Isolation of a Potential Microbial Agent for Controlling Dengue Vector Mosquitoes in Sri LankaInduwara, R.; Fernando, M.; Ranathunge, T.; Parakrama, G.; Hapugoda, M.
2012Isolation of alkaline lipase from rubber seed - Partial purification, characterization and its potential applications as a detergent additiveWeerasooriya, M.K.B.; Kumarasinghe, A.A.N.
2013Isolation of aromatic hydrocarbon degrading phyllosphere bacteriaUndugoda, L.J.S.; Kannangara, S.; Sirisena, D.M.
2013Isolation of bioactive metabolites in the endolichenic fungus, Daldinia eschscholzii, occurring in the lichen, Parmotrema sp. in Sri LankaSamanthi, U.; Wickramaarchchi, S.; Paranagama, P.A.
2015Isolation of bioactive secondary metabolites from the endolichenic fungi, Neosartorya sp. inhabiting the lichen Parmotrema sp. in Sri LankaManthrirathna, M.A.T.P.; Kandiah, R.; Gunasekara, D.S.; Paranagama, P.A.
2018Isolation of fungal spp. associated with the rhizosphere of Suwandel, a traditional Sri Lankan rice variety and their phosphate solubilizing abilityUmang, R. A. T.; Deshappriya, N.; Sandamali, T. G. I.
2013Isolation of fungi associated with two traditional rice varieties in Sri LankaAtugala, D.M.; Deshapriya, N.
2016Isolation of Salmonella species in Rousettus leschenaulti fruit bats in Sri LankaPerera, H.I.T.; Yapa, W.B.; Perera, H.K.K.
2018Isolation of Salmonella spp. and Shigella spp. from ground and surface water in the lower part of the Kelani river basin: evaluation of resistance against selected antibioticsAbinaiyan, I.; Mahagamage, M.G.Y.L.; Manage, P.M.
2013Isolation of the bioactive metabolites in the endolichenic fungus, Daldinia eschscholzii, occurring in the lichen, Parmotrema sp. in Sri LankaSamanthi, U.; Wickramarachchi, S.; Paranagama, P.A.
2013Isolation, characterization and pathogenicity of a bacterium that causes fin rot, gill rot and haemorrhagic lesions on the body surface leading to systemic bacteraemia in Koi carp, Cyprinus carpio LinnaeusWickramasinghe, T.K.C.; Hettiarachchi, M.; Jayasinghe, K.A.H.
2014Isolation, identification and bioactivity of endolichenic fungi from Usnea species available in Hakgala and Knuckles montane forestsRajapaksha, R.S.C.G.
1997Isolation, identification and characterization of infectious bursal disease virus isolated from field outbreaks in Sri LankaThamotharampillai, C.
1981Isolation, identification and some characters of Aerobic Gastro : intestinal bacteria of Tilapia Mossambica and Tilapia NiloticaSilva, S. K. Harold
2017Isolation, purification and structure elucidation of antimicrobial and bio-active compounds of soil fungi.Wijesekara, W. A. M. A.; Wijesinghe, K.D.; Kumara, K. G. N. P.; Manage, P. M.
2016Isothermal Diagnostic Assays for monitoring single nucleotide polymorphisms in Necator americanus associated with Benzimidazole drug resistanceRashwan, N.; Bourguinat, C.; Keller, K.; Gunawardena, N.K.; de Silva, N.; Prichard, R.
2014Issue of development of Sri Lanka in 21st century:Amarasinghe, A.G.
2007Issues and Challengers of Small Business EntrepreneurshipSurangi, H.A.K.N.S.
2016The Issues and Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in Sri LankaJayawardane, T.