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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018100 Years of Mass Deworming Programmes: A Policy Perspective From the World Bank's Disease Control Priorities AnalysesBundy, D.A.P.; Appleby, L.J.; Bradley, M.; Croke, K.; Hollingsworth, T.D.; Pullan, R.; Turner, H.C.; de Silva, N.
2019Acute Dermato-Lymphangio-Adenitis Following Administration of Infliximab for Crohn's Disease.Liyanage, I.K.; Niriella, M.A.; de Silva, A.P.; de Silva, N.; de Silva, H.J.
2006Admission to medical schools in Sri Lanka: predictive validity of selection criteriade Silva, N.R.; Pathmeswaran, A.; de Silva, N.; Edirisinghe, J.S.; Kumarasiri, P.V.R.; Parameswaran, S.V.; Seneviratne, R.; Warnasuriya, N.; de Silva, H.J.
2013Analysis of elemental profiles in selected industrial effluents reaching Kelani River using inductively coupled plasma spectrometryPathiratne, K.A.S.; Pathiratne, A.; Hemachandra, C.K.; de Silva, N.
1997Anthelmintics: a review of their comparative clinical pharmacologyde Silva, N.; Guyatt, H.; Bundy, D.
1997Clinical use of anthelminticsde Silva, N.; Guyatt, H.; Bundy, D.
2015Cochrane Reviews on deworming and the right to a healthy, worm-free lifede Silva, N.; Ahmed, B.N.; Casapia, M.; de Silva, H.J.; Gyapong, J.; Malecela, M.; Pathmeswaran, A.
2005Constructive Relativismde Silva, N.
2009The Costs and cost-cffectiveness of mass treatment for intestinal nematode worm infections using different treatment thresholdsHall, A.; Horton, S.; de Silva, N.
2008A digital library for ola leave booksde Silva, N.; Adikari, G.; Piyadasa, J.D.A.I.; Dharmarathna, G.P.G.
1998Effect of mebendazole threapy in pregnancy on birth outcomede Silva, N.; Sirisena, J.; Gunasekera, D.; de Silva, J.
2018Evaluation of rapid extraction and isothermal amplification techniques for the detection of Leishmania donovani DNA from skin lesions of suspected cases at the point of need in Sri LankaGunaratna, G.; Manamperi, A.; Bohiken-Fascher, S.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Gunawardena, K.; Yapa, B.; Pathiana, N.; Pathirana, H.; de Silva, N.; Sooriyaarachchi, M.; Deerasinghe, T.; Mondal, D.; Ranasinghe, S.; Abd EI Wahed, A.
2009An experiment on interferenceChandana, A.W.S.; Siripala, W.; de Silva, N.
2008Experiments on interferenceChandana, A.W.S.; Siripala, W.P.; de Silva, N.
2008A general relativistic solution for the space time generated by a spherical shell with constant uniform densityWimaladharma, N.A.S.N.; de Silva, N.
2008The Global burden of snakebite: a literature analysis and modelling based on regional estimates of envenoming and deathsKasturiratne, A.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; de Silva, N.; Gunawardena, N.K.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Premaratna, R.; Savioli, L.; Lalloo, D.G.; de Silva, H.J.
2006Helminth infections: soil-transmitted helminth infections and schistosomiasisHotez, P. J.; Bundy, D.A.P.; Beegle, K.; Brooker, S.; Drake, L.; de Silva, N.; Montresor, A.; Engels, D.; Jukes, M.; Chitsulo, L.; Chow, J.; Laxminarayan, R.; Michaud, C. M.; Bethony, J.; Correa-Oliviera, R.; Xiao Shu-Hua; Fenwick, A.; Savioli, L.
2012Intestinal Nematodes: AscariasisBundy, D.A.P.; de Silva, N.; Brooker, S.
2018Investment in child and adolescent health and development: key messages from Disease Control Priorities, 3rd EditionBundy, D.A.P.; de Silva, N.; Horton, S.; Patton, G.C.; Schultz, L.; Jamison, D.T.; Disease Control Priorities-3 Child and Adolescent Health and Development Authors Group
2016Isothermal Diagnostic Assays for monitoring single nucleotide polymorphisms in Necator americanus associated with Benzimidazole drug resistanceRashwan, N.; Bourguinat, C.; Keller, K.; Gunawardena, N.K.; de Silva, N.; Prichard, R.