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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Aetiology of recurrent abdominal pain in a cohort of Sri Lankan childrenDevanarayana, N.M.; de Silva, D.G.H.; de Silva, H.J.
1989Albendazole in the treatment of goehelminth infections in childrende Silva, D.G.H.; Hettiarachchi, S.P.; Fonseka, P.H.
2017Anaemia in children: are we using the correct prevention strategies?Mettananda, S.; de Silva, D.G.H.
2014Association between child maltreatment and constipation: a school Based survey using Rome III CriteriaRajindrajith, S.; Devanarayana, N.M.; Lakmini, C.; Subasinghe, V.; de Silva, D.G.H.; Benninga, M.A.
2007Association between recurrent abdominal pain in sri lankan school children and exposure to stressful life eventsDevanarayana, N.M.; de Silva, D.G.H.
1997Attitudes towards genetic counselling and testing among medical students and newly qualified doctorsde Silva, D.; Jayasekera, K.M.; Rubasinghe, N.K.; de Silva, D.G.H.
1979Bilateral pneumothorax following rupture of pneumatocoeles in kerosene aspirationde Silva, D.G.H.; Arulanandham, P.; Talwatte, S.N.
2007Causes for recurrent abdominal pain in children and adolescents: a classification according to rome ii criteriaDevanarayana, N.M.; de Silva, D.G.H.; de Silva, H.J.
1993"CHARGE" associationJayantha, U.K.; Devasiri, I.V.; de Silva, D.G.H.
2012Child abuse and abdominal pain - Is there an association?Devanarayana, N.M.; Rajindrajith, S.; Mettananda, S.; Weerasooriya, W.A.L.K.; Hathagoda, K.L.W.; Lakmini, B.C.; Subasinghe, S.M.V.; de Silva, D.G.H.
1997Child abuse in Sri Lankade Silva, D.G.H.
1996Child abuse:time for actionFernando, A.D.; de Silva, D.G.H.
1993A Child with myocardial infarction--Kawasaki diseasede Silva, D.G.H.; Fernando, A.J.L.; Ekanayake, R.
2007Children needing protection: experience from South Asiade Silva, D.G.H.
1981Chronic brucellosis in a farmerde Silva, D.G.H.; Wijeratne, U.
1993Concentrations of interleukin 6 and tumour necrosis factor in serum and stools of children with Shigella dysenteriae 1 infectionde Silva, D.G.H.; Mendis, L.N.; Sheron, N.; Alexander, G.J.; Candy, D.C.; Chart, H.; Rowe, B.
1984Congenital lipodystrophy (Seip syndrome) in Sri Lankade Silva, D.G.H.
1995Congenital nephrotic syndromede Silva, D.G.H.; Devasiri, I.V.; Dharmasiri, H.; Pathirana, C.
2001Conscription of children in armed conflictde Silva, D.G.H.; Hobbs, C.J.
2001Conscription of children in armed conflict - a form of child abuse: a sudy of 19 former child soldiersde Silva, D.G.H.; Hobbs, C.J.; Hanks, H.