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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assessing the implementation of total quality management in education administration institutions in the central province Sri LankaAbeykoon, M.W.M.; de Alwis, A.C.
2007Attitudes of HR professionals towards online recruitmentde Silva, K.M.S.D.; de Alwis, A.C.
2016The Buddhist perspective of continual improvementJayawardane, T.; de Alwis, A.C.
2016Determinants of Training Motivations: A Case of Non –managerial Level Employees in Value added Tea CompanyRebecca, E.; Bandara, M.M.M.; Weerasinghe, T.D.; de Alwis, A.C.
2013Effects of Glass Ceiling on Women Career Development in Private Sector Organizations – Case of Sri Lankade Alwis, A.C.; Bombuwela, P.M.
2010The electronic human resource management in the role of impact of human resource managersde Alwis, A.C.
2014The impact of strategic planning for training and educational non government organizations in Sri Lanka: an evaluation using the balanced scorecardde Alwis, A.C.; Weerasooriya, W.M.R.B.; Khatibi, Ali.
2016Impact of students’ perceived quality of distance education on student satisfaction with special reference to undergraduate students of bachelor of management studies degree programme, The Open University of Sri LankaAbeykoon, M.W.B.; de Alwis, A.C.
2016The Impact of Total Quality Management Practices on Export Performance of Apparel Exporters of Sri LankaAbeykoon, M.W.M.; de Alwis, A.C.
2016Importance of social media in destination marketing: theory and practiceBerislav, A.; de Alwis, A.C.
2016Incumbents Influence On Family Business Succession Processde Alwis, A.C.
2004Intestinal parasitoses and the nutritional status of Veddah children in Sri LankaChandrasena, T.G.A.N.; Premaratna, R.; de Alwis, A.C.; de Silva, L.D.R.; Morel, R.P.; de Silva, N.R.
2016The Nexus between Employee Induction and Job Satisfaction: A Case of Executive Level Employees in Ceylon Tea Services PLCRebecca, E.; Bandara, M.M.M.; Weeresinghe, T.D.; de Alwis, A.C.
2016Owner Family: Critical Factor for the Success of Business Succession in Family Owned Companiesde Alwis, A.C.
2014Post succession performance of medium sized family owned business in Sri Lankade Alwis, A.C.
2016Social Media in Destination MarketingAndrlic, B.; de Alwis, A.C.
2016Stakeholders Influence on Successful Business Successionde Alwis, A.C.
2011A study on measuring return on investment of a key account management training programde Alwis, A.C.; Rajaratna, W.D.H.M.
2013Successor’s satisfaction on business succession processde Alwis, A.C.