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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004ADHD in developing countries.Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijeratne, L.T.
2004The Continuing story of dhat syndromeKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijeratne, L.T.
2004Depression intervention in resource-poor regionsKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijeratne, L.T.
2005Domestic violence and female mental health in developing countriesKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijeratne, L.T.
2012Eating attitudes and behaviours among adolescent girls in the Colombo District, Sri LankaWijeratne, L.T.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Pathmeswaran, A.; Williams, S.S.
2013Effects of hospitalization in children of parents working in foreign countriesKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijeratne, L.T.; Gunasekera, D.P.S.; Karunasekera, K.A.W.
2007Health shop treatments for depressionsKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijeratne, L.T.
2004Post-traumatic stress in former Ugandan child soldiersKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijeratne, L.T.
2013Prevalence of psychological morbidity in an urban population: Is it related to modifiable physical risk factors?Williams, S.S.; Pinidiyapathirage, M.J.; Wijeratne, L.T.; Kasturiratne, A.; Peris, M.U.P.K.; Williams, H.S.A.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
2007Prion disease in Sri LankaKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijeratne, L.T.
2014Psychosocial Impact of PuberphoniaPremarathna, M.S.S.; Wijeratne, L.T.; Perera, I.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
2010A Study of intimate partner violence among females attending a Teaching Hospital out-patient departmentKuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijeratne, L.T.; Weerasinghe, G.D.S.S.K.; Peiris, M.U.P.K.; Williams, S.S.
2011Validation of Kessler's psychological distress scale among the Sinhalese population in Sri LankaWijeratne, L.T.; Williams, S.S.; Rodrigo, M.D.A.; Peiris, M.U.P.K.; Kawamura, N.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
2008The validation of the Sinhala version of the Kessler psychological distress scale (K10) to screen for psychiatric morbidityWijeratne, L.T.; Williams, S.S.; Peris, M.U.P.K.; de Silva, N.R.; Hapuarachchi, H.A.C.; Perera, K.P.J.; Kawamura, N.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.