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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Accumulation of toxic metals in ectopic endometrial tissueSilva, N.; Senanayaka, H.; Peiris-John, R.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Waduge, V.
2014Additional perspectives on chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka-lessons learned from the WHO CKDu population prevalence studyRedmon, J.H.; Elledge, M.F.; Womack, D.S.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Wanigasuriya, K.P.; Peiris-John, R.J.; Lunyera, J.; Smith, K.; Raymer, J.H.; Levine, K.E.
2021The Alcohol marketing policy environment and adolescent drinking in Sri Lanka: A qualitative exploration of stakeholder perspectivesAthauda, L.; Peiris-John, R.; McCool, J.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Ameratunga, S.
2013Anopheles culicifacies breeding in polluted water bodies in Trincomalee district of Sri LankaGunathilaka, N.; Fernando, T.; Hapugoda, M.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Wijeyerathne, P.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2010Association between heavy metals and endometriosisSilva, N.L.; Senanayaka, H.; Peiris-John, R.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Waduge, V.
2015Availability, price and affordability of selected medicines for treatment of NCDs in Sri LankaFernandopulle, B.M.R.; Samarasinghe, S.V.A.C.; Abeyawardena, C.; Wickremasinghe, R.
2020Background radiation levels near a mineral sand mining factory in Sri Lanka: Correlation of radiation measurements with micronuclei frequencyWarnakulasuriya, T.; Williams, S.; Weerakkody, T.; Dabarera, M.; Rodrigo, K.; Waduge, V.A.; Ediriweera, D.; Siriwardena, N.; Wickremasinghe, R.
2019Building global partnerships through shared curricula for an MPH programme in India and Sri Lanka.Sathiakumar, N.; Tipre, M.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Bhat, V.; Kadir, M. M.; Coggon, D.; Pathemeswaran, A.; Kamath, R.; Arunkumar, G.; Fatmi, Z.; Smith, T. L.; Pattanshetty, S. M.; Delzell, E.
2012Cadmium a metalloestrogen: are we convinced?Silva, N.; Peiris-John, R.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Senanayake, H.; Sathiakumar, N.
2021Chemoprophylaxis for malaria: A costly approach to prevent re-establishment of malaria in Sri LankaMuzrif, M.M.; Mendis, K.N.; Weerasekera, C.J.; Karunaratna, S.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Ranaweera, K.D.N.P.; Fernando, S.D.
2011Chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology in Sri Lanka: is cadmium a likely cause?Wanigasuriya, K.P.; Peiris-John, R.J.; Wickremasinghe, R.
2007Chronic renal failure in North Central Province of Sri Lanka: an environmentally induced diseaseWanigasuriya, K. P.; Peiris-John, R. J.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Hittarage, A.
2010Climate change and malariaWickremasinghe, R.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.; Fernando, S.D.
2003Cognitive performance at school entry of children living in malaria-endemic areas of Sri LankaFernando, D.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Mendis, K.N.; Wickremasinghe, A.R.
2010Common variants at the GCK, GCKR, G6PC2-ABCB11 andMTNR1B loci are associated with fasting glucose in two Asian populationsTakeuchi, F.; Katsuya, T.; Chackrewarthy, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Fujioka, A.; Serizawa, M.; Fujisawa, T.; Nakashima, E.; Ohnaka, K.; Ikegami, H.; Sugiyama, T.; Nabika, T.; Kasturiratne, A.; Yamaguchi, S.; Kono, S.; Takayanagi, R.; Yamori, Y.; Kobayashi, S.; Ogihara, T.; de Silva, A.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Kato, N.
2021A Comparative analysis of the outcome of malaria case surveillance strategies in Sri Lanka in the prevention of re-establishment phaseGunasekera, W.M.K.T.A.W.; Premaratne, R.; Fernando, D.; Munaz, M.; Piyasena, M.G.Y.; Perera, D.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Ranaweera, K.D.N.P.; Mendis, K.
2019A Comprehensive analysis on abundance, distribution, and bionomics of potential malaria vectors in Mannar District of Sri LankaGunathilaka, N.; Hapugoda, M.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Abeyewickreme, W.
2012Contribution of physical activity and sedentary behaviour to glycaemic status in urban womenWaidyatilaka, P.H.I.U.; de Silva, A.; Lanerolle, P.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Somasundaram, N.; Atukorala, S.
2016Contribution of the private sector healthcare service providers to malaria diagnosis in a prevention of re-introduction settingFernando, S.D.; Dharmawardena, P.; Epasinghe, G.; Senanayake, N.; Rodrigo, C.; Premaratna, R.; Wickremasinghe, R.
2016Control of blood pressure and risk attenuation: a public health intervention in rural Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka: feasibility trial resultsJafar, T.H.; de Silva, A.; Naheed, A.; Jehan, I.; Liang, F.; Assam, P.N.; Legido-Quigley, H.; Finkelstein, E.A.; Ebrahim, S.; Wickremasinghe, R.; Alam, D.; Khan, A.H.; COBRA-BPS Study Group