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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An Enhanced Multi-Channel MAC for the IEEE 1609.4 Based Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksWang, Q.; Leng, S.; Fu, H.; Zang, Y.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.
2007Analysis of key management in wireless sensor networksDustin, M.; Shankarappa, J.; Petrowski, M.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.; Fu, H.
2016Android smartphone operated RobotThiwanka, U.S.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.
2011Anonymous service access for Vehicular Ad hoc NetworksWeerasinghe, K.G.H.D.; Fu, H.; Leng, S.
2015Conceal Communication via MP3Eranga, D.M.S.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.
2016Crime Information Management System for Sri Lanka PoliceCooray, N.A.C.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.
2007Data centric adaptive in-network aggregation for wireless sensor networksWeerasinghe, K.G.H.D.; Elhajj, I.; Krsteva, A.; Najm, M.A.
2010Enhancement of IEEE 802.11 modules in ns-2 and performance evaluation with error rateJin, K.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.; Fu, H.
2011Enhancing unlinkability in Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksWeerasinghe, K.G.H.D.; Huirong, F.
2010ESAP: Efficient and scalable authentication protocol with conditional privacy for secure vehicular communicationsWeerasinghe, K.G.H.D.; Fu, H.
2006Human Perception of Haptic Force DirectionElhajj, I.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.; Dika, A.; Hansen, R.
2016Object Recognition Application - Mind GameSenanayake, H.M.I.M.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.
2015'PATH FINDER' Application for androidDasanayaka, D.M.N.K.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.
2008Preventing Cooperative Black Hole Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Simulation Implementation and EvaluationWeerasinghe, K.G.H.D.; Fu, H.
2017Smart Home Automation Voice Controller.Perera, P.V.S.P.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.
2015A Smartphone Based Traffic Information System (AFromT)Amarasekara, A.A.T.M.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.
2016Two Tier Shield Unapparent Information Deliver along with the Visual StreamsEranga, D.M.S.; Weerasinghe, K.G.H.D.
2011Verifying position and velocity for vehicular ad-hoc networksWeerasinghe, K.G.H.D.; Tackett, R.; Fu, H.