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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Corporate social responsibility and financial performance in the Sri Lankan contextThilakerathne, P.M.C.
2016Determinants of Profitability in Commercial Banks in Sri LankaChandrasiri, C.L.S.S.; Thilakerathne, P.M.C.
2015Economic Value Added (EVA) Disclosure Practices of Sri Lankan Listed CompaniesThilakerathne, P.M.C.
2020The Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Market Returns in Sri LankaNarayana, S.N.B.M.V.N.; Thilakerathne, P.M.C.
2014An examination of accounting internship on subsequent academic performanceThilakerathne, P.M.C.; Madurapperuma, M.W.
2016The Impact of Capital Structure Choice on Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Diversified Companies in Sri LankaAbeyrathne, A.H.M.U.S.; Thilakerathne, P.M.C.
2015The impact of embedding information and communication technology content in accounting courses and its effect on overall students’ performanceThilakerathne, P.M.C.; Madurapperuma, M.W.
2018The Impact of Exchange Rate Movements on the Stock Returns of Commercial Banks in Sri LankaBandara, A.W.M.S.S.C.; Thilakerathne, P.M.C.
2007Investors Attitudes and Investment in Unit Trusts: A Case Study of Sri LankaThilakerathne, P.M.C.; Abeywardhana, D.K.Y.
2019Methodological Issues in Forecasting Corporate Failure: A ReviewSamaraweera, A.S.A.; Thilakerathne, P.M.C.
2018Methodological Issues in Forecasting Corporate Failure: A Systematic Literature ReviewSamaraweera, A.S.A.; Thilakerathne, P.M.C.
2007Seasonality Effect of Emerging Stock Markets: Evidence from Sri LankaThilakerathne, P.M.C.; Amarasiri, K.P.M.M.; Abeywardhana, D.K.Y.