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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Anterior and posterior intravaginal slingplasty (TVS)Sirisena, J.
2000A Cautionary tale: intra amniotic injection of methylene blueSirisena, J.; Lanerolle, S. D.
1999Effect of mebendazole therapy in pregnancy on birth outcomede Silva, N.R.; Sirisena, J.; Gunasekera, D.P.S.; Ismail, M.M.; de Silva, H.J.
1998Effect of mebendazole threapy in pregnancy on birth outcomede Silva, N.; Sirisena, J.; Gunasekera, D.; de Silva, J.
2000Efficiency of Pipelle device in sampling endometriumWagaarachchi, P. T.; Sirisena, J.
2000Histological and ultra-structural changes in enpothelial cells of the placenta in hypertensive disorders of pregnancySalgado, L.S.S.; Angunawela, P.; Tissera, A.; Sirisena, J.
2002How accurate is the postnatal estimation of gestational age?Karunasekera, K.A.W.; Sirisena, J.; Jayasinghe, J.A.C.T.; Perera, G.U.I.
1998Interaction between pericytes and endothelial cell of foetal capillaries in hypertensive placentaeSalgado, S.; Angunawela, P.; Sirisena, J.; de Tissera, A.
2000Morbidity and mortality of neonates associated with meconium stained liquor in labourJayawardene, D.R.K.C.; Sirisena, J.
1998Spontaneous hepatic rupture in pregnancyWijesinghe, P.S.; Gunasekera, P.C.; Sirisena, J.
1997Time we increased folic acid consumption in Sri LankaGunasekera, P.C.; Chandrasena, L.G.; Gunasekera, D.P.; Sirisena, J.
2006Ultrastructure of endothelial cells of fetal capillaries of placentae of women with pregnancy induced hypertentionSalgado, S. S.; Angunawela, P.; de Tissera, A.; Sirisena, J.
1994Use of medicine as abortifacientsSirisena, J.
2004Villous syncytial knots in hypertensive placentaSalgado, S. S.; Angunawela, P.; de Tissera, A.; Sirisena, J.
1995Viral hepatitis during pregnancyde Silva, H.J.; Sirisena, J.