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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Academic psychiatry journals in South Asian countries: most from India, none from Afghanistan, Bhutan and the MaldivesArafat, S.M.Y.; Ali, S.A.Z.; Saleem, T.; Banerjee, D.; Singh, R.; Baminiwatta, A.; Shoib, S.
2013Chinese medicine neuroaid efficacy on stroke recovery: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized studyChen, C.L.; Young, S.H.; Gan, H.H.; Singh, R.; Lao, A.Y.; Baroque, A.C.; Chang, H.M.; Hiyadan, J.H.; Chua, C.L.; Advincula, J.M.; Muengtaweepongsa, S.; Chan, B.P.; de Silva, H.A.; Towanabut, S.; Suwanwela, N.C.; Poungvarin, N.; Chankrachang, S.; Wong, K.S.; Eow, G.B.; Navarro, J.C.; Venketasubramanian, N.; Lee, C.F.; Bousser, M.G.; CHIMES Study Investigators
2022Depression and suicidal behavior in South Asia: a systematic review and meta-analysisArafat, S.M.Y.; Saleem, T.; Menon, V.; Ali, S.A.Z.; Baminiwatta, A.; Kar, S.K.; Akter, H.; Singh, R.
2016Future of Road Traffic Signs in Delhi: Application of Functional Analysis in TRIZArjune, V.; Singh, R.
2022Gender distribution of editors in psychiatry journals of South AsiaArafat, S.M.Y.; Amin, R.; Baminiwatta, A.; Hussain, F.; Singh, R.; Kar, S.K.; Mubashir, A.S.
2018Navigating the International Trade War & Diplomacy: Implications for S&T development in the Caribbean CommunityArjune, V.; Singh, R.; Desai, P.N.
2023Prevalence of suicidal behaviour among students living in Muslim-majority countries: systematic review and meta-analysisArafat, S.M.Y.; Baminiwatta, A.; Menon, V.; Singh, R.; Varadharajan, N.; Guhathakurta, S.; Mahesar, R.A.; Rezaeian, M.
2005Social Plurality and Development with Disparity in the Post-colonial Sri Lanka Limits and Scope for CompatibilitySingh, R.
2021Suicide methods in South Asia over two decades (2001-2020)Arafat, S.M.Y.; Ali, S.A.; Menon, V.; Hussain, F.; Ansari, D.S.; Baminiwatta, A.; Saleem, T.; Singh, R.; Varadharajan, N.; Biyyala, D.; Kar, S.K.; Khan, M.M.