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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20101818 ජාතික නිදහස් අරගලයේ පුරෝගාමියෝ (Pioneers of the first independent struggle 1818)Manatunga, Bandara; Manatunga, Anura
2012Abstract volume of the Ananda Coomaraswamy memorial conference on Asia Art and CultureManatunga, Anura
2015Ajanta and Sigiriya: A comparative study into mural paintingsManatunga, Anura
2005An Interpretation into the Ambiguous Jina-patisatariya in the Inscriptions of the middle Anuradhapura PeriodManatunga, Anura
2012An Interpretation of the Buddha Statues at Galvihare, PolonnaruvaManatunga, Anura
1988An Interpretation of the so-called Proto - Siva Seal from MohenjodaroManatunga, Anura
2013Asian Art, Culture and HeritageManatunga, Anura
2008Beads beyond personal ornamentation: An understanding of beads found in Buddhist monastic contextsManatunga, Anura
2003Beyond Artifacts and Ecofacts : A basic classification of material remains for Archeological PurposesManatunga, Anura
2010Buddhism in Gujarat: Some supplementary Evidences from Sri Lankan SourcesManatunga, Anura
1999Buddhist Epistemology and Archaeological ReasoningManatunga, Anura
2014Buddhist sites and monuments of Sri Lanka: Issues related to conservation, maintenance and landscaping in multi purpose contextsManatunga, Anura
2008Buddhist Stupas at Anuradhapura: An Investigation into the Early Archaeological ActivitiesManatunga, Anura
2006Cereal Cultivation in the Horton Plains: Prehistoric or Later Historic?Manatunga, Anura
2008The Chola invasion of Sri Vijaya: was it a misunderstanding of an invasion to Southern Sri Lanka?Manatunga, Anura
2014Cunningham and Dharmapala: A comparative study of the two approaches to Buddhist sites in Sri LankaManatunga, Anura
2017Elements of Buddhism in Early Historic Sites of Rajasthan, IndiaDibyopama, A.; Manatunga, Anura
2009Excavations at the World Heritage City at Polonnaruva, Sri LankaManatunga, Anura
2015An extension to Nur Yalman’s Under the Bo Tree: A Survey into Diaries of Mr. KB Nissanka, School Head Master of ‘Terutenne’Manatunga, Anura
2008From forest to polity: Veddas as chieftains in medieval Sri LankaManatunga, Anura