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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalomyelitis in a man with viral myocarditisKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Kim, P.J.; Pollanen, M.S.
2013Analysis of child victims of trauma or violence reported for medico-legal Examination in Three Tertiary Care Hospitals in Sri LankaKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Edirisinghe, P.A.S.; Appuhamy, P.
2020An Analysis of medicolegal reporting in workman injuries referred for medicolegal examination in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Sri LankaKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Edirisinghe, P.A.S.
2008Autopsy review on ‘suspicious deaths' of Sri Lankans who died abroad: a study from Colombo North Teaching Hospital (CNTH)Perera, W.N.S.; Edirisinghe, P.A.S.; Kitulwatte, I.D.G.
2016Blood alcohol concentration in motorcycle fatalities reported to a tertiary care hospital in Sri LankaSenarathne, U.D.; Edirisinghe, P.A.S.; Kitulwatte, I.D.G.
2011A Case of fatal pressure on the neck in a woman with a stab injuryKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Pollanen, M.S.
2013Case of Sudden Death due to Septic Pulmonary EmbolismKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Wijerathne, N.A.S.P.
2012A Case of sudden death following minor intentional trauma; pathologist's contribution to the decision on the manner of deathKitulwatte, I.D.G.
2011Child victims in medico-legal autopsyKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Edirisinghe, P.A.S.; Ratnayake, T.
2008Collective violenceKitulwatte, I.D.G.; de Silva, S.T.G.R.; Siriwardhane, H.A.
2015A Comparative study of coronary atherosclerosis in young and oldKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Pollanen, M.S.
2007A comparative study of the causes of death given in two forensic institutions (Ragama and Edinburgh) and North Colombo Teaching Hospital: lessons we can learn from othersEdirisinghe, P.A.S.; Perera, B.P.P.; Kitulwatte, I.D.G.
2017Death following ceftazidime-induced Kounis syndromeKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Gangahawatte, S.; Perera, U.L.M.S.; Edirisinghe, P.A.S.
2022Death of a child following a superstitious ritual of exorcismThivaharan, Y.; Dias, V.; Edirisinghe, A.; Kitulwatte, I.D.G.
2018Elderly victims dying of unnatural causes: a retrospective descriptive study from Ragama, Sri LankaKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Paranavithana, S.S.; Perera, A.A.B.S.; Edirisinghe, P.A.S.
2019Ethical dilemmas in forensic medical practiceKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Edirisinghe, P.A.S.
2015An Expert and Expectations: A review on Medico-legal opinions in alleged sexual abuse victimsEdirisinghe, P.A.S.; Kitulwatte, I.D.G.
2009Extreme violence-homicide; an analysis of 265 cases from the offices of JMO Colombo and Ragama--a study from Sri LankaEdirisinghe, P.A.S.; Kitulwatte, I.D.G.
2008Fatal violence – HomicidesKitulwatte, I.D.G.; de Silva, S.T.G.R.
2016Female victims of unnatural deathsKitulwatte, I.D.G.; Edirisinghe, P.A.S.; Mendis, H.K.N.L.P.; Abeyrathna, A.A.R.M.